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I have no idea if this footage HERE is real.

But I really, REALLY hope it is. That’ll teach the schmuck to try to molest a martial-arts trained girl.

You really need to watch it. It’s pretty funny when she pulls him back into the elevator and whales the tar out of him; then chases him down the hallway when he tries to escape.


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I’m starting a new thing here. Sometimes Fridays and Saturdays are a bit slow in the blogosphere, and it’s a god time to bring to the more regular readers the things I’m reading that really seem to not only interest me, but also seem to be signal posts along the way as our society changes, for good or ill.

This article HERE seems to be a signal post for good, I think:

The reason that the monstrous crime of pedophilia matters is simple: In an increasingly secular age, it is one of the few taboos about which people on both sides of the religious divide can agree. It remains a marker of right and wrong in a world where other markers have been erased.

And that is also the reason that the questions surrounding the attempted extradition of Roman Polanski for a 1977 child rape briefly became the Rorschach tests of our times. Sophistication vs. prudery, the morality of the 1970s vs. the morality of today, European artistes vs. American law, Hollywood vs. Middle America: Given just how many cultural and moral buttons were punched by the case, it’s small wonder that l’affaire Polanski generated commentary as voluminous and passionate as it did.

Even so—and to the surprise of many commentators—one singularly interesting fact about the whole wretched matter was that the director and his fate generated little sympathy anywhere in the United States east of, say, Malibu. To the contrary, the Polanski case somehow succeeded in doing what no one actually trying has managed to do in years: uniting practically all Americans, liberal as well as conservative—in this case, against the hapless director.

I’ve argued in these pages that Polanski is innocent until proven guilty; and even though this case stinks of blackmail with a Plea Bargain already agreed to before Polanski fled the country.  But the universal furor over Polanski’s crime is something I share; if he did indeed do this thing, he deserves justice, swift, harsh, and brutal as the crime he committed:

Even so, let’s welcome the good news whenever we can get it. The public furor this fall over Roman Polanski’s rape of a thirteen-year-old girl many years ago has forcefully revealed that, in most of America, yesterday’s itinerant savoir-faire about sex with minors has been pushed from the mainstream and forced back underground. It is a consensus that did not exist in such force a decade ago, and the priest scandals are largely responsible for it.

If there’s a clearer case of good coming out of evil lately, it will take some time to think of one. Meanwhile we can be thankful, at least for now, for something that so often eludes the world—a case of small but real moral progress that bodes a little better for the youngest and most innocent among us.

The article is one of the longer I’ve ever read on a blog, but the sheer encouragement it heralds to the forces dedcated to exposing the pedophiles and protecting our kids is well worth the couple of minutes it’ll take. Make some time this weekend and check this out.

You won’t be worry.


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drunk neanderthalThis moron right here is the kind of guy that women find “exciting”; then wonder five years later why they’re on their third marriage.

Not that I am in any way excusing this Neanderthal’s behavior, although his wife is quick to excuse it, if you’ll note:

A father missed the birth of his first son after being arrested for groping a nurse on the way to the delivery room. Police said Adam Manning sexually assaulted the nurse as she wheeled his wife into the delivery room.  The 30 year old had told the nurse she was “cute” then reached round to grab her breasts.

Police in Ogden, Utah, were called to the hospital and arrested Manning on charges of forcible sexual assault.  When later asked about his actions he said he had no idea why he carried out the assault. Draper said ‘The wife responded that he was just drunk.’

Draper said it is unclear whether Manning drove to the hospital intoxicated or if he was taken there by someone else.

Yeah, you don’t want to fool with things like DUI or sexual assault in Mormon-heavy Utah.  You might get a slap on the wrist in liberal New York or Illinois, but not in Utah.

Note to Mrs. Manning: Legal Zoom.com has the $299.00 uncontested divorce.

I’m just sayin’ — for when you’re ready to dump the drunk Neanderthal who never grew up. The “exciting” one.


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I hate to say it, but I may owe Roman Polanski an apology. This news story pretty much spells out what I knew about Polanski until today:

ZURICH – Director Roman Polanski was arrested by Swiss police as he flew in for the Zurich Film Festival and faces possible extradition to the United States for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977, authorities said Sunday.

Switzerland PolanskiPolanski was scheduled to receive an honorary award at the festival when he was apprehended Saturday at the airport, the Swiss Justice Ministry said in a statement. It said U.S. authorities have sought the arrest of the 76-year-old director around the world since 2005.

“There was a valid arrest request and we knew when he was coming,” ministry spokesman Guido Balmer told The Associated Press. “That’s why he was taken into custody.”

Kiejman later told The Associated Press that France does not extradite its citizens and that U.S. authorities had never asked France to prosecute Polanski at home.

And that’s all well-known, and commonly accepted facts of the case. Then I read the following, which I didn’t know:

Earlier this year, Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza in Los Angeles dismissed Polanski’s bid to throw out the case because the director failed to appear in court to press his request, but said there was “substantial misconduct” in the handling of the original case.

Polanski, the director of such classic films as “Chinatown” and “Rosemary’s Baby,” fled the U.S. for France in 1978, a year after pleading guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with the underage girl.

KeystoneKopsPolanski has asked a U.S. appeals court in California to overturn a judges’ refusal to throw out his case. He claims misconduct by the now-deceased judge who had arranged a plea bargain and then reneged on it.

His victim, Samantha Geimer, who long ago identified herself publicly, has joined in Polanski’s bid for dismissal, saying she wants the case to be over. She sued Polanski and reached an undisclosed settlement.

In 1977, he was accused of raping the teenager while photographing her during a modeling session. The girl said Polanski plied her with champagne and part of a Quaalude pill at Jack Nicholson’s house while the actor was away. She said that, despite her protests, he performed oral sex, intercourse and sodomy on her.

Polanski was allowed to plead guilty to one of six charges, unlawful sexual intercourse, and was sent to prison for 42 days of evaluation.  Lawyers agreed that would be his full sentence, but the judge tried to renege on the plea bargain. Aware the judge would sentence him to more prison time and require his voluntary deportation, Polanski fled.

Waitaminnit – Polanski pays girl settlement, girl doesn’t want to press charges anymore? Did I read that correctly?

Polanski was going to get a Plea Bargain that fell through? What?

This reads to me one of two ways:

  1. Polanski was guilty, and trying to buy his way out of this, or
  2. Polanski was may or may not be guilty, and being blackmailed. When he refused to pay, they pressed charges.

And that bothers me, because when you factor in the “settlement” and the fact that the girl doesn’t want to proceed with the case, this whole thing smellsSmells really, really bad.

And . . . if there’s one thing we all should have learned from the Clarence Thomas Hearings, sexual offenders have a history of repeat behaviors in these areas.  Where’s the repeat behaviors with Polanski?

Meanwhile, Polanski’s arrest sparked anger in Europe:

“I think this is awful and totally unjust,” French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand told reporters.

“Just as there is an America which is generous and which we like, so there is an America which is frightening – and that is the America which has just revealed its face,” he said.

The Culture Ministry said French President Nicolas Sarkozy was following the case closely and wanted the swift release of Polanski, while Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said he had expressed his concerns to his Swiss counterpart.

eric holder moose hatPolanski holds French citizenship and is married to French singer and actress Emmanuelle Seigner.

“We do not understand why the Swiss invited Polanski to a film festival, where he was to have received a life’s achievement award, and then arrested him,” said association president Jacek Bromski.

“We regard that as a scandalous situation and an example of incomprehensible overzealousness.”

Attorney General Eric Holder certainly seems to making a career of “incomprehensible overzealousness.” Must’ve gone to the Janet Reno school of Law.

What is it with Liberal Administrations and bad Attorneys General anyway?


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This just makes my blood boil. Having been a nurse for 28 years, I’ve seen more than my share of poorly-run nursing homes. Usually the worst run of them are places just like this one where the management is disengaged (at best) and the bad staff run rampant.

Really, I hope they’ve got a prosecutor with guts in Tennessee who isn’t afraid to put some of these upper-management wimps in jail:

James William Wright chose his female victims of alleged rape and sexual abuse for a simple reason: They were elderly stroke victims who could not speak of the horrors, according to a witness and an attorney representing some of the victims.

warning_3km_exhibitionistAuthorities in Bristol, Va., indicted and arrested Wright, a former nurse’s aide, on Tuesday for an alleged serial string of sexual assaults of helpless, elderly women at a nursing home facility owned by Murfreesboro- based National Healthcare Corporation. NHC is the same company that ran the Nashville nursing home where 16 residents died in a 2003 fire.

The four-count indictment for aggravated sexual battery says Wright’s alleged reign of abuse at the Bristol facility, which sits on the Tennessee line, began in 2000 and went through August 2007.

Patricia Davenport, also a nurse’s aide, said she witnessed some of Wright’s abuse. She said she cooperated with state investigators. Davenport told of two instances of sexual abuse.

One involved Wright allegedly fondling the breasts of woman while she was in a wheelchair. The other involved a blind woman who was bedridden. Wright was molesting her as he masturbated, Davenport said.

Davenport said she alerted management above her, but to her knowledge nothing was ever done “It was appalling,” Davenport said. “It was awful. It was perverted and stupid and nasty. They didn’t do anything about it.”

Parke Morris, who represents two of the victims in the indictment, said it’s one of the darkest cases he has ever encountered. For years, Wright raped, molested and sexually abused women at the facility, and the company failed to act in the face of evidence brought to its attention, Morris said.

sex_offender_signAll told, Wright abused as many as 11 women, and probably more, Morris said. Morris is representing nine victims and their families, and he plans to bring suit against officials in the company in coming weeks. Some cases have already been resolved.

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in terms of corporate cover-up,” Morris said. “We think it goes fairly high in the company.”

Morris said that by the end of Wright’s tenure as a nurse’s aide at the Bristol facility, he was not allowed in the rooms of as many as seven women. In fact, for some women, the sight of Wright brought terror that they could not articulate with words, Morris said.

“Things got completely out of control,” Morris said. “Women would scream when he entered the room.”

Authorities offered few details beyond what was in the official indictment handed down Tuesday by a grand jury in Virginia.  “It’s an ongoing investigation and a pending prosecution,” said David Clementson, a spokesman with the attorney general’s office.

I’ll be watching this one closely. This guy ought not to EVER see the light of day, and the supervisors who did nothing should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as well.



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I just got in from driving around, where I had silence in the car after turning off Laura Ingraham.

And Neil Boortz.

And Mancow.

And Michael Savage

michael-jackson-neverlandEt al, Et Cetera.

Because here’s the thing that bugs me most right now.  The instant I haear somebody start screaming or whining or nagging me into believing that Michael Jackson was a pedophile, I shut off the radio.

Screw ‘em.  We still live in the United States of America, do we not?  People are still presumed “Innocent Until Proven Guilty,” are they not?

Michael Jackson was found Not Guilty of pedophilia, was-he-not?

Yes.  He was, Thank you.  That means a jury of 12 men and women in a court of law said there was insufficient evidence to convict him.  That means that despite the statements of three children (whom later recanted), there was no physical evidence he did this terrible thing.

Yet the know-nothings continue to pile on.  He was a PEDOPHILE, don’t ya know?

Was Michael Jackson a freak? Yes, he was.  Was Michael Jackson a loon? Oh yes, a very rare and odd breed of loon at that.  Did Michael Jackson have a freakish and weird appearance? Yes, he did.  And you know what?  If I had a brothers who teased me about my appearance and made fun of every time  I missed a dance step, I might have turned out like that, too.  If I’d had a father who physically, emotionally, and mentally abused me until I was a pitiful case of arrested development, barely able to function in society, I would have had some quirks too.  If the only people that were nice to me were women (my sisters, my mother, and Diana Ross) I might have tried to look like a woman, too.

You don’t think that happened?  Read some of the biographies.  The brothers have openly admitted it.  Jermain “hated” Michael till the day he died.  Joe Jackson has admitted he took a belt to the boys “when they got out of line.”  I can show you these things in writing, in their own words.

Michael Jackson had a preoccupation with young children — because he never had a childhood.  He enjoyed their company –because he was frozen at that mental age by the abuse.  He did from an overdose of medications — because he couldn’t sleep.  That’s a cardinal sign of child abuse — you can’t sleep, because that’s when the abuser comes for you.

You want to tell me Michael Jackson was a pedophile?  Prove it. Show me the evidence.  Show me the witnesses.  Show me the testimony.

I’ll show you the acquittal.

You remember Richard Jewell – the security guard at Atlanta’s Olympic Park that found a bomb?  Remember how he was hounded as “guilty” until he won million dollar judgements from CBS and NBC?  He wasn’t guilty — and he died of complications of his diabetes after the stress of the notoriety was too mjch for him.

Almost, one might say, in an eerie parallel of Michael Jackson.

But we also have free speech here.  If you want to accuse a dead man who can’t defend himself, go ahead.  If you want to pile more abuse on the abused, be my guest.  If you want to make accusation against a man acquitted of that crime already, toot your own horn.

joemccarthyJust don’t tell me you’re being “fair”, or that you’re being anything like an American.  In America, you’re innocent until proven guilty – and Michael has already been found not guilty by a jury of his peers.

But then, Senator McCarthy thought he was doing a good thing, too.


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Set phasers to “blood boil”, Mister Spock. From the Gary IN Post-Tribune :

Michael Bessigano

Animal sex offender gets prison

May 13, 2009; By Andy Grimm, Post-Tribune staff writer

A Hobart man who twice served time for killing animals now will spend nearly three years in federal prison for downloading images of people having sex with animals. Michael Bessigano likely will serve his sentence in a Boston-area facility for male offenders with mental problems.

U.S. Judge Philip Simon on Tuesday sentenced Bessigano to 33 months in prison and three years of supervised release, a term at the low end of federal guidelines. Simon two weeks ago threw out a plea agreement that would have seen Bessigano serve only 24 months, stating that Bessigano’s history did not seem to make him a candidate for a below-guidelines sentence.

So, in other words the judge didn’t want him to get a too-lenient sentence, just a lenient sentence.  Peachy.  That’s sure looking out for the people of Northwest Indiana.

Simon has asked the federal bureau of prisons to place Bessigano at Federal Medical Center Devens, and also that Bessigano participate in therapy for sex offenders.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Bernard Van Wormer said the sentence was appropriate for Bessigano, who served time prison for killing a neighbor’s rottweiler in St. John Township in 1993, and was jailed again in 2001 for killing a chicken, and having sex with it.   Bessigano was arrested in June 2008 after federal agents found images of bestiality on his computer hard drive after Bessigano’s state parole officers requested a search.

And let’s not underestimate the severity of his crimes:

Jun 1, 2008 – Hobart, IN (US)
Convicted: Transportation of bestiality pornography

May 30, 2001 – Valparaiso, IN (US)
Convicted: Chicken sexually assaulted in hotel

chicken geenseSentence: Bessigano received a 10 1/2 year prison sentence after admitting to stealing a farm chicken in October 2001 and taking it to U.S. 30 motel where he killed the animal while having sex with it. He was found competent to stand trial, and previous arrests involving alleged abuse or theft of dogs, geese and a rooster helped Porter County prosecutors secure a maximum sentence for animal cruelty.

Feb 18, 1994 – Saint John, IN (US)
Convicted: Assaulting a neighbors dog

rottweiler-0061Jul 9, 1992 – Crown Point, IN (US)
Convicted: Killing a Rottweiler dog

Jan 1992 – Valparaiso, IN (US)
Convicted: Dog sexually assaulted, killed

Repeat Offender – animal abuse and attempted theft. Bessigano has said he slept with dead animals, including a raccoon, when he was a child. While in jail, he would sleep under his cot, paint cat-like stripes on his body and make drawings referring to himself as kitten sleeping“master of cats.”

Oh yeah.  he can date my daughter, sure – if she’s a cat.

He was badly beaten in the Porter County Jail while awaiting sentencing in 2001, and has been in and out of psychological treatment for schizophrenia since childhood, his mother has said.   Bessigano has told investigators in the past that he believes he is an animal trapped in a human’s body.

See, I was just going to say that.  I think he’s an animal, too. Yet the prosecutor thinks it’s okay to go easy on serial animal molesters and killers:

“I think the sentence was appropriate, given the facts of the case,” Van Wormer said.

Lovely. What does the serial molester think?

Judge Philip Simon  said he hopes Bessigano can end the “merry-go-round of incarceration” for bestiality crimes.

“I’ve been trying,”
Bessigano told Simon.  “Nobody wants to help me.”

Bessigano . . . admitted “wholeheartedly” that he downloaded images of sadomasochistic human-animal pornography.

Oh, sure.  He can watch my kids anytime. Hey, let’s be clear about why this has happened.  This is a guy with a history from childhood of sex crimes against animals.

And nobody noticed?  Not his family?  They noticed his “schizophrenia, but not that he was screwing roadkill?  Not his school counselors?  Nobody?

This is a guy who has continued his crimes for almost fifteen years.  This is his fifth conviction; and despite the fact he was violating parole with his bestiality porn, he’s getting a sentence “at the low end of federal guidelines.”

No sending him back to prison the other six years of his State sentence. No “repeat man meets chickenoffender” harsher sentence. Just sending him for “psychological counseling.”

I feel like I’m missing something here. I know Bessigano is; about six years of his prior sentence.

The good news? That 22 months — he could be out in September of next year with good behavior.



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And under a Democrap Administration, no less:

John Edwards marched toward the White House in 2006 seeking an arsenal of millions collected a little at a time.

s-enquirer-edwards-largeHe also gathered more ammunition, about $11 million, collected in larger chunks by nonprofit groups conceived and operated to further his aspirations. He also courted a girlfriend.

Federal investigators are trying to connect those dots, sifting through Edwards’ financial records to probe whether he used any donations solicited for his campaign to keep quiet his affair with Rielle Hunter.

John Edwards raised $43.9 million for his run for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. Other donations, however, came from other political organizations not restricted by limits on contributions. Some of them did not have to disclose donors.

Edwards, a Democrat and former U.S. senator, on Thursday acknowledged the investigation to The News & Observer.

“I am confident that no funds from my campaign were used improperly,” Edwards said in a statement.

Edwards declined to discuss the matter further.

Yeah, I’ll bet. He’s a lwayer, after all.


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If you’ve this blog for any amount of time, you know I have a serious problem with anyone who coddles or enables child molesters.  That includes prosecuters who won’t prosecute the molestors, or enable them with plea bargains.

porter-courthouse-valparaisoSo it was with a great deal of interest that I saw this article in the Gary Post-Tribune:

VALPARAISO — A Portage man who molested or sexually abused three girls when he was about 19 was sentenced Monday to four years in jail, with no time set aside for probation.

Joshua M. Rodriguez, 21, had pleaded guilty in September to felony child molesting, a charge amended from the higher B felony level to C felony. Under the B felony, he would have served at least six years.

Felony charges of criminal deviate conduct and sexual misconduct with a minor were dropped. He could have served up to 16 more years if convicted of those charges.

Rodriguez will serve his time in a therapeutic unit at Westville Correctional Facility in LaPorte.

How nice for him. He gets to plead down from a higher felony and will only do 4 years (when he could have done 22 years!!!) in a therapeutic unit. (Read: “Country Club”).  I’ve worked in the Indiana State prison system. Trust me; it’s damned easy time.

Now, read the article of his arrest from the Northwest Indiana Vidette Times:

Man Accused of Sex Crimes Against 3 girls

PORTAGE | A Portage man was charged Friday with one count of child molestation, one count of criminal deviate conduct and two counts of sexual misconduct after three girls told police he engaged in sex acts with them earlier this year.

Joshua Rodriguez, 20, of 3240 Oakwood St., is accused of having sex with a 12-year-old girl whose mother is friends with his mother. He’s also accused of forcibly touching a 15-year-old girl and having sex with another girl and performing a sex act on her.

Two fifteen year old girls and a twelve year old. Having sex with one girl and performing a sex act on the other.  Molestation.  Criminal Deviate Conduct. Two counts of Sexual Misconduct.  But there’s one word there that really sets my alarms off (as if the phrase “Criminal Deviate Conduct with a Twelve year old” didn’t set me off before.)


That means RAPE in any other context.  In fact, having sex with a child under the age of sixteen is Statutory Rape normally.

That probably explains why there was no judge’s name on the article.  No Prosecutor’s name who accepted the massive plea bargain.  No lawyer who finagled the plea bargain.  According to Indiana law, Rape is punishable by a 30 year sentence; with up to $10,000 fine. Even the lower Class B Felony is still punishable by Ten Years.

So, no names to attach responsibility to; and a criminal who does less than half of the smallest punishment; and does it in the easiest manner possible.

Yep; sounds like the Porter County Courts System.


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Oh Thank God for Teachers who give a damn about their students:

Santa Letter Spurs Arrest

By Lynn Brezosky – Express-News

PHARR — A young girl’s plea to Santa to stop a relative from molesting her and her sister has resulted in sexual abuse charges against a 55-year-old man.

The relative was in court on a second charge of sexual abuse Tuesday, days after a 9-year-old girl wrote a letter to Santa asking that he stop him from touching her and her 10-year-old sister. (The San Antonio Express-News is not naming the man to protect the girls’ identities.)

santamolesterPolice first charged the man Friday, after the girl pleaded for help in a holiday wish list assigned by her elementary school teacher. The letters were turned in Thursday.  After reading it, the teacher reported the alleged abuse to a counselor, who called Child Protective Services and the police, said Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District spokeswoman Arianna Vasquez-Hernandez.

Tuesday’s charge came after the sisters told interviewers at the Children’s Advocacy Center in Hidalgo County that the relative had been touching them under their clothes for the past four years. The 10-year-old said the touching happened in her bedroom while she was working on schoolwork; the 9-year-old said he touched her in her bedroom at night when everybody else was asleep.

The suspect was in the Hidalgo County Jail on Tuesday in lieu of $100,000 bond for the first charge and $250,000 for the second charge. Each charge carries five to 99 years to life in prison and a $10,000 fine upon conviction.

Salinas said the girls’ mother was unaware of the abuse.

And why, exactly, when the abuse is discovered, is it that the mother is never aware of the abuse? Other media outlets have identified the “suspect” as the girl’s stepfather.  How is it that the mother of these children disregards what her own daughters are telling her?

The good news is that Probation is not allowed in Texas for sex abuse offenses.  This scumbag is going away for a long, long time.


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I read this story at work last night and just felt compelled to blog about it. What in the WORLD was going through these people’s minds — besides vast quantities of alcohol and hormones?

Couple has sex in bathroom as crowd cheered them on and their significant others watched Minnesota-Iowa game
Football fans found action to cheer in Metrodome loo
By John Brewer; 11/26/2008 10:35:22 AM CST

A couple of University of Iowa fans took a break from Saturday’s game at the Metrodome against the University of Minnesota to have some illicit sex in a Dome restroom, police said.

The duo — a 38-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man from Carroll and Linden, Iowa, respectively — turned a handicapped toilet stall into their love nest about 8:30 p.m., late in the Hawkeyes’ 55-0 trouncing of the Gophers. A crowd of intoxicated fans gathered in the restroom to laugh and cheer the off-the-field action, until an Avalon Security guard tipped off University of Minnesota police to the ruckus.

Officers had to interrupt the intimate moment to cite the couple for indecent conduct, a misdemeanor. University of Minnesota Police Chief Greg Hestness said similar citations at the Metrodome or on campus usually involve public urination. He said it was the first time in his six years at the U that his force has interrupted a sex act during a Gophers game.

Hestness assumed the woman was embarrassed about being caught: She initially gave a false name to officers and had to be identified by her husband before she was released.

The man was attending the game with his girlfriend, according to police.

“It’s a long ride back to Iowa,” Hestness said.

Boy, no kidding. Assuming the man’s girlfriend didn’t just dump him and drive back alone.

The woman, however, had more serious problems to consider. At least she has a schmuck of a cuckolded husband to “support her”:

Update: Hawk fan says bathroom sex scandal “ruined my life

STACI HUPP • November 26, 2008

A Carroll woman who was caught having sex in the men’s room at an Iowa Hawkeye football game in Minneapolis last weekend says she’d had so much wine before kickoff that she doesn’t remember walking into the restroom, the man she had sex with in a stall, or when the police opened the door.

What Lois Feldman, 38, will remember is the humiliation afterward. “It’s ruined my life,” she said through tears today. “Not just the incident but the press.”

Feldman, a married mother of three, has been the target of Internet jokes and prank telephone calls today. She was fired this morning from an assisted living center, where she had been an administrator.

Feldman said her husband, Kelly, has been supportive. She said he faults himself for not going with her when she left her seat to use the restroom before halftime. “I don’t know what happened,” Lois Feldman said. “But I don’t deny that it did happen because obviously there are police reports.”

Police ticketed Feldman, 38, and Ross Walsh, 26, of Linden for indecent conduct Saturday night. A security guard who said he saw the two having sex through a gap in a men’s restroom stall flagged down campus police, according to the police report. Police described both Feldman and Walsh as upset, drunk and uncooperative.

Miner said police didn’t measure the blood-alcohol level of Feldman or Walsh. Asked to respond to Feldman’s claim that she was too drunk to recall the incident, Miner said: “That’s probably an accurate statement.”

Feldman said she’d never met Walsh. “I don’t know who this man is,” she said today. “I just found out his name in the paper last night.” Walsh wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Feldman, who describes herself as a light drinker, drank wine at the home of family friends before the football game. She said she doesn’t remember how much she drank, but the party’s hosts refilled her glass each time it was low “so I’m sure I drank a lot.”

She said she remembers sitting in the stands one moment and the next “being slammed around by a cop and screaming.” “Apparently I was panicked and very uncooperative,” she said. Feldman said she “ran away” from her husband the Metrodome after the incident. She said a woman she didn’t know offered her a ride home about 11 p.m. Feldman said she gave her husband’s cell phone number to the woman, who called Kelly Feldman for directions to the couple’s hotel.

Lois Feldman said her attorney has encouraged her to fight the ticket. “He feels I was taken advantage of in my state of mind,” she said. “This is not me. We’re a very good family. This shouldn’t happen.”

Miner, the campus police officer, said fighting the indecent conduct charge could be a long shot. “It’s spelled out in the law in Minnesota that intoxication is not a defense to any crime,” he said.

So, she lost her job. She’s been humiliated in the press. And she’s facing a criminal charge — which will probably lose her administrator’s licensce. Yet;

1.) She refuses to take any responsibility for her own actions (Her hosts kept refilling her glass; she doesn’t remember anything, etc.)

2.) What kind of a woman wants to have sex in a bathroom, anyway?

3.) Yet there’s something odd in her statement. She says Apparently I was panicked and very uncooperative,” and that she “ran away” from her husband.

I showed this article to a couple of my co-workers (Nurses; and all women) and they all had universally the same opinion.

This was No Accident. This is (very likely) some guy she met at the game and decided to rendezvous with for a quickie. She had enough presence of mind to give the cops a false name and run away from her husband when caught.

She’s just a whore; and didn’t care who saw her or what it cost her in the moment. The readers of the article in the comments section seem to agree:

Walley420 wrote: I bet they new each other. These towns are pretty close together.

sl2007 wrote: This woman is a snob who’s very quick to judge everyone else. For that reason, this may be the best news story ever. :)

UNCLEHULKA wrote: I would definitely think that they knew each other.

MindBoggled wrote: I would love to know if these two drunken horn dogs think that it was worth all of this now?

YERMAMA wrote: I call BS, damn that amnesia.

foxhunt wrote: what a bunch of BS…

kevin4256 wrote: She got drunk, got all horned up and acted on it – Gopher style. Bet it’s not her first time either.

No sympathy from the jury. Either get help with your drinking problem, Ms. Feldman, or get help with your infidelity and lying problem.

Either way, you’ve got a big problem.


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From Gateway Pundit . . . you just can’t make this stuff up!

(Oh, I can’t stop laughing . . . )

Couple Sues McDonalds After Nude Photos Turn Up On Internet

An Arkansas couple is suing McDonalds for $3 million dollars after nude photos from their phone they left at the restaurant turned up on the internet.
The BBC reported:

A US couple is suing McDonald’s for $3m (£2m) after nude photos of the woman, which were on her husband’s mobile phone, ended up on the internet.

Phillip Sherman says he accidentally left his phone, with the photos, at a McDonald’s in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

He says staff promised to secure the phone until he could retrieve it.

The Shermans claim they had to move to a new home after the womans’s name, address, and phone number appeared online along with the photos.

Tina Sherman says she began receiving offensive calls and text messages about the pictures from her husband’s mobile phone after he left it at the McDonald’s on 5 July.

The couple then discovered that the nude pictures she had sent to her husband’s phone had been posted online.

The Shermans are suing McDonald’s Corporation, the owner of the franchise involved and the restaurant’s manager, saying they have suffered emotional distress, embarrassment and damage to their reputations.

They also allege loss of earnings and want to recover the cost of moving to a new home.

Maybe they shouldn’t have kept the photos on their cellphone . . . Or, is that just too obvious?

See, this is the type of lawsuit where I wish the people being sued (McDaonald’s) could get triple damages against the sue-ers when this silly-ass lawsuit gets thrown out of court.

Anybody stupid enough to send photos of themselves nude to a cellphone (over public airwaves) which can be easily lost is either too stupid or too narcissistic to live.

And don’t get me started on the morons dumb enough to film their own sexual activities . . . which somehow always seem to get stolen . . .


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I’m always mystified by stories like these. Simple common sense would tell you to just “GET A DAMNED ROOM!!!” and not perform oral sex on a crowded train car, you would think.

However, one thing is for certain about Europe; Common Sense is a very uncommon commodity, as the London Daily Mail reports:

Couple arrested for ‘having sex’ on crowded train

Last updated at 10:48 AM on 11th November 2008

A couple have been arrested for allegedly having sex in a crowded train carriage.

Other passengers en route from Liverpool to London appear to have sat in embarrassed silence as the 41-year-old woman allegedly committed a sex act on her male partner.

The pair were arrested by police on arrival at Euston station. Officers are believed to have been called after a guard on the Virgin intercity train spotted the couple on CCTV.

A man has been charged and a woman bailed for allegedly having sex on a crowded Virgin train, like this one.

Businessman Gregory Sim, 49, has been charged with unacceptable behaviour while the unnamed woman, from Essex, has been bailed while inquiries continue.

A spokesman for British Transport Police said the session took place on Wednesday, October 22, at 2.45pm.

‘The man, Gregory Sim, from Richmond, Surrey, has been charged with unacceptable behaviour on a train and is due to appear at City of Westminster magistrates on November 16,’ he added.

Quizzed by reporters last night, Mr Sim confirmed his arrest but refused to give any more details.

A Few Points:

** The woman is from Essex; the man is from Surrey. This very likely means it’s not his wife.

** The couple didn’t even have the decency to throw a blanket over her, if the CCTV could see it all happening.

** Expect the video on Youtube soon, I’m sure.

** With a name like “Virgin”, I’m sure there will be some kind of “train defense” offered.

Suddenly I have the urge to watch a Fellini movie.


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As much as I hate quoting the same blog twice in a day, Gateway Pundit is way on top of the ball today:

Barney Frank: “There Should Be Tax Increases… There Are Plenty of Rich People We Could Tax”

Democratic Leader Frank Gets Honest…

It is amazing how Marxisant radical Barack Obama gets away with campaigning on how he will give a tax break to 95% of Americans when his record shows that he has voted for tax increases 300 times as a state senator and 94 times as a US Senator.

But, he’s not alone.

Most Democrats believe in “spreading the wealth around.”

Dem Leader Barney Frank of Fannie Mae fame announced yesterday that “there should be tax increases” and that “there are plenty of rich people we could tax.”
At least he was honest:

That’s odd… They usually wait until after the election to admit it.

HotAir has more on Frank’s frank talk.

Meanwhile… The Wall Street Journal has more on Obama’s nonsense on tax cuts including this:

Now we know: 95% of Americans will get a “tax cut” under Barack Obama after all. Those on the receiving end of a check will include the estimated 44% of Americans who will owe no federal income taxes under his plan.

And Frankly (pardon the pun; I just had to take the easy way) anybody who’s been paying attention knows what a crock of crap that statement is. When the Bush tax cuts expire in 2010, we all get a tax increase, if the next Presient does anything about it or not.

Do you think Barack will do a damned thing to stop these tax hikes? I damned well doubt it.



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From the London Daily Mail, which (I hope) struggled to maintain it’s collective composure through this truly outrageous story:

Married woman, 39, who had sex with 14-year-old walks free from court after judge says the boy seduced her
Last updated at 3:12 PM on 13th October 2008

A mother who had sex with a 14-year-old walked free from court today after the judge said the boy seduced her.

Sharon Edwards’ husband, who suspected that she was having an affair, discovered that his love rival was a youngster from their two sons’ school.

The couple’s marriage was on the rocks when he began checking the 39-year-old’s computer for MSN messages and found his identity. He told the boy’s mother who called in the police, said prosecutor Tina Dempster.

The Edwards’s marriage was rocky by the end of 2007 and they decided to try to make a go of it. But it became apparent to him by the end of October last year that his wife was having an affair. When he confronted her she denied it.

Miss Dempster added: ‘Although he suspected she was having an affair it never occurred to him that it was the boy.

‘The next morning he checked the messages and he realised that the person with whom she was having a sexual relationship was the boy.’ He confronted her but she left their home and he rang the boy’s mother. She confronted the boy who immediately became distressed. Miss Dempster said: ‘He was crying and he told her he was sorry but he did not know how to stop it.

In one of the MSN chats the boy asked her to buy some cocaine, and she said that she would not want any money for it.

Deborah Sherwin, defending, said that a woman received a two year jail sentence for sex with a minor in a recent Court of Appeal case. She added: ‘The charges cover four occasions of sexual intercourse and related activity between September 2007 and January 2008.

‘It has always been her wish that he was not put into a position of having to give evidence at court. ‘Although he is only 14 it is clear from the video interview that the police carried out that he is a tall lad of six foot one and mature for his age in a number of ways.’

Miss Sherwin said: ‘She was a sad and lonely housewife, she was not working, her parents had moved abroad, she was stuck at home, her marriage was failing and this boy paid her attention and she was flattered by it.’

The Recorder of Middlesbrough Judge Peter Fox QC told her: ‘You have been a very unhappy lady for a very considerable period of time when this 14-year-old boy seduced you and not you him both so far as sexual matters and as far as drugs are concerned.

‘Of course you have responsibility as an adult to reject his advances in both regards. ‘I do regard this case as an exceptional one because of the details and what I have read in the psychiatric report.’

Edwards now 40, of Stockton, Teesside, was given a 12-month jail sentence suspended for two years with supervision and ordered to register as a sex offender for five years after she pleaded guilty to four charges of sexual activity with a child and offering to supply a Class A drug.

A couple of thoughts here, briefly:

1.) No 14 year old boy seduces an adult woman, period. This judge is either senile or just stupid. He deserves to be removed from office post-haste.

2.) In America we give drug felons more than two years for offering to supply cocaine; let alone to a teenager.

3.) If this man stays with his wife now he’s a fool; but I’d be worried if he could get custody with such a stupid and simpering excuse for a judicial system.


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Barney Frank. Power Broke in Congress. Power hungry chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. The first and only openly gay member of Congress. Very possibly the most partisan member of Congress, ever.

And he likes to have things very much his own way; whether they violate the rules or not.

Frank’s story begins between the lines of this Wikipedia Entry about the 1983 Congressional Page Sex Scandal:

On July 14, 1983 the House Ethics Committee recommended that Rep. Dan Crane (R-IL) and Rep. Gerry Studds (D-MA) be reprimanded for having engaged in sexual relationships with minors, specifically 17-year-old congressional pages.[1] Washington DC law specifies an age of consent of 16, meaning that the relationships were legal;[2] however the committee felt, “any sexual relationship between a member of the House of Representatives and a congressional page, or any sexual advance by a member to a page, represents a serious breach of duty.” The Congressional Report found that in 1980, a year after entering office, Crane had sex four or five times at his suburban apartment with a female page and in 1973, the year he entered office, Studds invited a male page, who testified he felt no ill will towards Studds, to his Georgetown apartment and later on a two week trip to Portugal. Both representatives admitted to the charges.[3]

In 1984, Rep. Crane won the GOP primary but lost the general election.[7] Studds gave up his right to a public hearing reluctantly, saying that he objected to the conclusions of the Ethics Committee but wanted to protect the privacy of the pages involved[8] and that that the affair was a “mutually voluntary, private relationship between adults.”[9] At the same time, Studds did admit to “a very serious error in judgement,” saying that he should not have had sex with a congressional subordinate, regardless of the individual’s age or sex.[3] As his censure was read, Studds faced the Speaker who was reading the motion, with his back to the other House members.[4] Studds continued to be re-elected until his retirement in 1997.[7]

Crane and Studds were the only two convicted of having sex with pages, although as many as twenty or more congressmen were initially implicated. It was also at this time that rumors began to circulate of other gay congressmen with problems of “moral turptitude” as well. One was Barney Frank. The New York Times records it this way:

In May 1987, in a seemingly casual answer to a reporter’s question, Frank disclosed that he is gay. Then in August 1989, the conservative Washington Times reported that Frank had employed as a personal aide a male prostitute and convicted drug possessor, Steve Gobie, and let him live in his apartment. When faced with a scandal that threatened to end his career, Frank told the truth. He admitted paying Gobie, but was careful never to use official or campaign funds; he denied that he tolerated prostitution in his apartment and said he had thrown the man out when he suspected it was going on. Frank called on the ethics committee to investigate. It did and dismissed all but two minor charges. The committee recommended a reprimand, but not censure; Frank agreed in a contrite appearance before the House in July 1990 and the House voted 287–141 against censure. The vote for reprimand was 408–18. ‘‘I think members will agree that I have always had a reputation for honesty, not always tact or tolerance.’

Time Magazine was a bit more harsh, and probably less soft-pedaled:

Tolerance of homosexuality has shielded Frank from sharper criticism.

At the least, Frank’s judgment was appallingly naive. After an initial encounter in which he paid Steve Gobie $80 for sex, the Congressman says he tried to lift the younger man out of drugs and prostitution by hiring him to run errands. He wrote letters to Gobie’s probation officer and paid his psychiatric bills. He allowed Gobie the use of a car and sometimes his apartment when he was out of town.

After 18 months, Frank says, he dismissed Gobie upon discovering that he was bringing clients to Frank’s apartment. Two years later, Gobie tried unsuccessfully to sell his story to the Washington Post. He then gave the story to the Washington Times for nothing, in hopes of getting a book contract for the male version of The Mayflower Madam. Gobie appeared on Geraldo, discussing his prospects for a television mini-series.

Now, you might think that Frank would have learned something from this; like, say, perhaps — using a little judgment now and again?

Not letting his smaller head drive his actions? Using the brain in his larger head, perhaps?

Nope — not our Barney. From the Boston Globe:

Frank was in a stable – and very public – romance with an economist named Herb Moses, and he seemed to all of his longtime acquaintances to be at peace with himself for the first time, his personal and professional lives soundly integrated. And it was about here that the roof caved in.

An understatement to beat all understatements, if ever there was one. The Washington Post notes further:

He is still amused by the “spouse pin” issue. Congress distributes these pins for parking and other amenities, and Herb Moses had one. But “a bunch of right-wingers” demanded that Gingrich rescind the perk for Moses. Ultimately, Congress issued him a “domestic partner” card instead. “Herb may have the only domestic partner card. And his will expire in three weeks.”

So, who exactly is Herb Moses? Fox News is the only major organization reporting it. Hang onto your hats:

Unqualified home buyers were not the only ones who benefitted from Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank’s efforts to deregulate Fannie Mae throughout the 1990s.

So did Frank’s partner, a Fannie Mae executive at the forefront of the agency’s push to relax lending restrictions.

Now that Fannie Mae is at the epicenter of a financial meltdown that threatens the U.S. economy, some are raising new questions about Frank’s relationship with Herb Moses, who was Fannie’s assistant director for product initiatives. Moses worked at the government-sponsored enterprise from 1991 to 1998, while Frank was on the House Banking Committee, which had jurisdiction over Fannie.

Both Frank and Moses assured the Wall Street Journal in 1992 that they took pains to avoid any conflicts of interest. Critics, however, remain skeptical.

“It’s absolutely a conflict,” said Dan Gainor, vice president of the Business & Media Institute. “He was voting on Fannie Mae at a time when he was involved with a Fannie Mae executive. How is that not germane?

“If this had been his ex-wife and he was Republican, I would bet every penny I have – or at least what’s not in the stock market – that this would be considered germane,” added Gainor, a T. Boone Pickens Fellow. “But everybody wants to avoid it because he’s gay. It’s the quintessential double standard.”

A top GOP House aide agreed.

“C’mon, he writes housing and banking laws and his boyfriend is a top exec at a firm that stands to gain from those laws?” the aide told FOX News. “No media ever takes note? Imagine what would happen if Frank’s political affiliation was R instead of D? Imagine what the media would say if [GOP former] Chairman [Mike] Oxley’s wife or [GOP presidential nominee John] McCain’s wife was a top exec at Fannie for a decade while they wrote the nation’s housing and banking laws.”

Frank’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Gee, I wonder why.

Perhaps you see now why Bill O’Reilly was so blatantly infuriated with Frank’s bobbing and weaving, avoiding the questions put to him:

Conflicts of Interest. Refusal to answer direct questions. Allowing a prostitute to work from his apartment. Unanswered question on the 1983 Congressional Page molestations.

Why is this creep still in Congress?


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The Chicago Tribune has this story today about this leftist tavern owner who has a crush on Sarah Palin; so much so in fact, that he’s painted her in the (theoretical) nude and hung the painting in his bar.

(And well-hung, too, I might add. Sorry; couldn’t resist the pun.)

Guess which part of this story creeps me out????

Sarah Palin gets painted in full, and nothing’s conservative about it By Emma Graves Fitzsimmons | September 30, 2008

There’s been no shortage of takeoffs on Sarah Palin lately, from television skits to action figures, but Bruce Elliott has gone one step further than most. He’s taken off her clothes.

Elliott, whose wife, Tobin Mitchen, owns the Old Town Ale House on Chicago’s North Side, painted a nude portrait of the Republican vice presidential nominee and hung it above the bar, where it’s now a prime attraction among his display of more than 200 celebrity portraits and other racy art.

Palin became Elliott’s muse after he saw her on TV. “I’ve been following her religiously,” he said Monday at the bar. “I had never heard of her before, like everyone else. I find her bizarrely fascinating, even though I pretty much despise everything she stands for.”

Despite their political differences, Elliott admits to a bit of a crush on the Alaska governor. He began painting her smile and trademark glasses, he said, before filling in the details: a gun, red high heels, polar bear rug, rugged Alaska landscape and a scared moose. His daughter, who looks a little like Palin and does a great impression of her, served as model for the governor’s body.

Since Elliott, 68, hung the portrait Thursday, it’s been a steady draw at the dive bar, which is a popular spot for Second City comedians to grab beers and play pinball after shows. But after the image hit the Internet on Monday, interest exploded.

“We got a bunch of people in tonight,” Elliott said. “They’re coming to take pictures with their camera phones. The photo is all over the place.”

If you scroll down past the article there’s a little poll about whether the readers of the Chicago Tribune found this nude painting offensive. Here were the results as of 2:30 pm CDT.

Almost 2/3rds (63.7%) found the picture offensive. That’s the very liberal readers of the very liberal Chicago Tribune!

Heh. There’s hope.


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Under the category of “What the HELL is wrong with some people . . . .

Home Invader Dies In Struggle With Father Of Intended Victim
Police: Sex Offender Brought Rope, Condoms, Knife To Planned Attack
UPDATED: 6:21 am EDT September 29, 2008

INDIANAPOLIS — A man who police said broke into a home with the intention of sexually assault a 17-year-old girl in her bedroom died early Sunday morning after a struggle with the girl’s father.

David Meyers (pictured), 52, was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after officers arrived following a report of a home invasion in the 3500 block of West 79th Street at about 3:20 a.m.

Officers said they found Robert McNally, 64, on the floor with his arm around the neck of Meyers, struggling to hold him down.

When officers told McNally he could let go, they found that Meyers was unresponsive. Medics who were called to the scene then pronounced Meyers dead.

Indianapolis police Sgt. Matt Mount said Meyers had come into the home naked, except for a mask and latex gloves. “He had rope, had a knife, had condoms, had a gag,” Mount said. Police said Meyers had gotten into the home through a window next to the girl’s bedroom and that he knew the home well because his uncle owns it and he was an acquaintance of the family.

The teen awoke to find a naked man in her room and began screaming, alerting McNally, police said. During a protracted struggle in the hallway of the home, McNally was able to get his arm around Meyers’ neck and subdue him while his wife called police, officers said.

Meyers was a registered sex offender and was released from prison two years ago after he had served 10 years of a 20-year sentence for criminal confinement and sexual deviate conduct stemming from a case in Hamilton County.

Meyers was also being sought in Boone County for failure to register as a sex offender.

Police said Meyers had been living with his mother down a gravel road from the home that the McNally family lived in and had recently lost his job. “When they got the mask off, both the father and daughter recognized him,” Mount said.

Police said Meyers had a history of heart problems. They were not immediately sure if he died as a result of heart failure or from being choked. The results of the police investigation will be turned over to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, but it is unlikely charges will be filed, police said.

I think there should be charges filed against the moron who let this dangerous offender out.


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Well, if the Last time left me speechless; this time leaves me thunderstruck.

Judge Mary Harper, the recipient of the 2002 Marilyn J. Niequist Memorial Award for Helping Troubled Youth, was not content to free serial molester Jerry Morris to molest again; she’s decided to do it again with another molester!


From today’s Northwest Indiana Vidette-Times:

Repeat sex offender may avoid jail

BY BOB KASARDA; Wednesday, August 13, 2008

VALPARAISO | A Valparaiso man pleaded guilty Tuesday to molesting a second child and violating probation from his first offense, yet may face no additional jail time.

Aaron Christy, 31, struck a proposed deal with prosecutors that calls for four years of prison, with all but time already served suspended and to be spent on probation. Porter Circuit Court Judge Mary Harper will decide Sept. 30 whether to accept the deal and carry out sentencing.

Deputy Prosecutor Cheryl Polarek said the agreement is based on the timing of the offenses, a recommendation from the Project PRO sex offender treatment and monitoring program, and the wishes of the victim’s family.

Christy pleaded guilty to a Class C felony count of child molesting for repeatedly fondling a young girl between Jan. 1, 2005, and Dec. 31. He also admitted to violating the probation from an earlier molestation conviction by being out beyond his 10 p.m. curfew April 19, drinking alcohol and viewing pornography. Christy told officials he fell asleep at a friend’s house on the evening in question.

Christy, who told the court Tuesday he was a special education student in school, already had been charged with molesting a young boy at the time the accusations involving the girl surfaced. When he pleaded guilty last year to molesting the boy, he avoided jail time, but he was required to register as a sex offender and undergo treatment.

When Christy pleaded guilty in 2007, a judge told him if he failed to comply with all the terms of his probation he would face the potential of going to prison for eight years.

Which he’s not, obviously. Mary Harper and Cheryl Polarek to the rescue. Just how many innocent children do you have to violate sexually to get some damn jail time before Judge Harper? Just how many ways do you have to violate probation in a single night before Cheryl Polarek gives you jail time other than “time served”?

And if you enable a molester by letting them get away with their criminal behavior, how does that make you any better than the molester? Doesn’t it make you an accessory after the fact?

You can see the scumbag’s criminal history HERE if it won’t turn your stomach too much; straight out of the Indiana Sex offender’s Database.

What really tickled me were some of the comments from the article:

Concerned Parent wrote on Aug 13, 2008 9:20 AM:

” How can a “Repeat Offender” be given just probation and NO JAIL time when he clearly violated his original plea agreement? That is unbelievable. I believe if Judge Harper lets this man go AGAIN with no jail time, she should be sanctioned. This is clearly a risk to every small child in Porter County. Lock him up and give him the maximum… “

Nothing Further to Say… wrote on Aug 13, 2008 8:30 AM:

” It is amazing to me that a child molester can get off without any jail time but a man that steals his own urine gets 4 years….. “

In Po Co wrote on Aug 13, 2008 6:18 AM:

” A REPEAT offender given NO jail time!?!?
Just because he is a special ed student does not mean he will not do it again. If he does not understand consequences he needs to be put somewhere AWAY FROM CHILDREN! This is outrageous! “

shocked wrote on Aug 13, 2008 6:10 AM:

” If this guy avoids jail time because “he was a special education student in school” it will be a travisty of justice! What message is this sending the girl who was molested or those who are afraid to come forward, but finally do? Tell someone and then nothing happens? I soncerely hope the judge does the right thing and sentences this man to serve some time. He obviously didn’t learn anything after the first time and was allowed to repeat this horrible crime. I pray the judge does not let down this little girl! “

Wet Hen wrote on Aug 13, 2008 5:17 AM:

” A second offense, no time, back on the streets? This is justice?
Isn’t there a mandatory sentence?
At least 10 years and no parole sounds about right. “

Oh, good. I’m not alone on this after all.


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From MSNBC.com:

Vermont girl’s kin on kidnap charges after body find
Uncle held in 12-year-old’s disappearance; court papers allege sex-ring link
Thurs., July. 3, 2008

BURLINGTON, Vt. – Federal prosecutors filed kidnapping charges that carry the death penalty against a Vermont man whose 12-year-old niece was found dead near his home.

Authorities accused Michael Jacques, 42, of carefully orchestrating events and e-mails to make it appear that Brooke Bennett had gone on June 25 to see someone she had met online, according to an affidavit accompanying the charges. Citing statements from another underage girl, prosecutors claim that Jacques tricked Brooke into thinking she was going to a party and instead took her to his home to initiate her into a child sex ring.

Jacques is charged under a federal law that provides for the death penalty in a kidnapping resulting in a child’s death. Jacques has 1993 convictions for kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault.

Meantime, state charges alleging that Jacques sexually assaulted a different girl over a five-year period were dropped, but could be refiled.

In another blow to the family, Bennett’s former stepfather, Raymond Gagnon, was formally charged Wednesday with obstructing justice in the case.

He entered no plea at the federal hearing and was denied bail pending another hearing on Monday. The 40-year-old Gagnon, who lives in Texas, was on a regular visit to Vermont when he was arrested.

As you can see from this screen capture of the VERMONT SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY. (CLICK TO ENLARGE), he did indeed have previous convictions in 1993 for kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault. But under Vermont’s porous sexual assault laws, he was no longer a “supervised sexual offender.”


Bill O’Reilly has been all over Vermont’s case for the last few years.

But 37-year-old Andrew James is a known troublemaker, a man convicted of a violent felony—attacking his wife with a screwdriver in front of his own small children. For that, James served 30 days in jail.

But then James upped the criminal ante and molested a 4-year-old boy. After cutting a deal with prosecutor Andrew Costello, James pleaded guilty and Judge David Howard sentenced him to probation and mandatory “treatment,” which means this monster is walking around free right now.

Vermont is one of two states that practices “restorative justice,” Minnesota being the other. That philosophy says for true justice to take place, the criminal as well as the victim must be “healed.” Restorative justice states that a “holistic” approach to crime is best for society.

Of course, the U.S. code of justice states that the punishment must fit the crime. Allowing a brutal child molester to walk free while getting “treatment” is certainly not punishment enough for traumatizing a 4-year-old perhaps for life. Last year, Vermont Judge Edward Cashman initially sentenced a man who sodomized a six-year-old girl over a four-year period to just 60 days in jail. The ensuing national outcry forced Cashman to up the sentence to three years. Still, far too lenient.

Oreilly also warned almost two and a half years agothat Vermont “will pay a price” for coddling molesters:

The Factor warned that all Vermont residents may pay a price for Cashman’s misjudgment. “All of America is watching Vermont and seeing a system that doesn’t work. And they’re getting angry at the state. If Cashman doesn’t change the sentence all hell is going to break loose.”

And Bill O’Reilly was right. Brooke Bennett’s former stepfather, Raymond Gagnon, came all the way from Texas (to our utter shame down here) to Vermont to participate in that child sex ring with Micheal Jacques — Brooke’s uncle.

Do you suppose it had anything to do with the fact that, while Vermont has passed a version of “Megan’s Law”, their version is gutted of the penalties and mandatory sentences, leaving only the offender registry intact.

I think it does. I’m certain it does. I think Vermont smells like honeydoes to bees where sex offenders are concerned. Vermont is safe harbor –safe haven — sanctuary — home free — for sex predators.

Now, if I had a dangerous situation in my home and someone warned me about it, and months later my wife or son died in an accident because of that dangerous situation, I would be charged with manslaughter, or even being an accessory to murder — in that death.

Who should be charged with manslaughter, or accessory to murder — in Brooke Bennett’s death. Judge Cashman? Perhaps the governor of Vermont? Whoever in the legislature gutted Megan’s law and made it safe for predators?

Someone certainly should.


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The New York Times has this article on the Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Death Penalty for Child Rapists. I’ll comment as we go along:

Supreme Court Rejects Death Penalty for Child Rape
By DAVID STOUT; Published: June 26, 2008

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled, 5 to 4, on Wednesday that sentencing someone to death for raping a child is unconstitutional, assuming that the victim is not killed. “The death penalty is not a proportional punishment for the rape of a child,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the court. He was joined by Justices John Paul Stevens, David H. Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer.

In other words, the three most liberal justices (including Justice Ginsberg, who is not only a former counsel to the ACLU and married to a former ACLU president, but regularly falls asleep during arguments at the court) and Justice Kennedy, the swing vote on the court.

The court overturned a ruling by the Louisiana Supreme Court, which had held that child rape is unique in the harm it inflicts not just upon the victim but on society and that, short of first-degree murder, no crime is more deserving of the death penalty.

And the Louisiana Supreme Court was exactly right. However, when you have a national Supreme Court that has three members devoutly opposed to the Death Penalty in any way shape or form, this is what you get.

Justice Kennedy, while in no way minimizing the heinous nature of child rape, wrote that executing someone for that crime, assuming that the victim was not killed, violates the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment, which draws it meaning from “the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.” “When the law punishes by death, it risks its own sudden descent into brutality, transgressing the constitutional commitment to decency and restraint,” Justice Kennedy wrote.

And here’s the pivot of the decision, where it says “draws it meaning from “the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.” This is, of course, code of “the Constitution is an living breathing document” and other such liberal nonsense. It means, simply that the Supremes have decided to invent an new stipulation of Constitutional law where none existed before.

I have s bit of an opinion on this; in fact, I’ve blogged on this topic Twenty-Six Times in the past. I have a Bachelor’s (with Honors) in Psychology with a concentration in Child and Adolescent Psychology. I did my Thesis on using Comic Books as a sort of Art Therapy for disturbed adolescents. I’ve worked with troubled kids at several institutions in Northwest Indiana and Texas. I even have some small personal experience that I’d rather not go into detail here on this subject.

Trust me, there is already a Death Penalty for Child molesters in prison. Ask Jeffrey Dahmer. The inmates at every Maximum Security facility iun America rigorously enforce it themselves. There is nothing more hated and despised than a child molester — especially by the molesters themselves. They’d give anything — anything — to stop what they are doing.

Letting them live is far worse a punishment, and borders on torture in a very real sense.

But what about those kids who are so traumatized by the rape that they live their lives psychologically traumatized, psychologically scarred for life? Unable to live anything like a normal life, they resort to promiscuous sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling . . . anything to take away their pain.

And these molesters have an astonishingly high recidivism rates. Ninety-seven percent will molest again when they get out.

The Supreme Court has complety missed the boat on this call. Molesters who molest again, particularly under aggravated circumstances, deserve death — nothing less.

And if you want to see more decisions like this, be sure to vote for “Smokey Joe” Obama. he loves this verdict, I’m sure.


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This story, as usual, sickens and disgusts me for reasons that will become apparent. From the Gary (Indiana) Post-Tribune:

Child killer gets eight years for molesting
May 16, 2008; BY STAN MADDUX Post-Tribune staff writer

LAPORTE — Labeled a danger to society, child killer Richard Dobeski is going back to prison for a maximum stay. Dobeski, 59, on Thursday told the court he did not molest a 7-year-old Westville boy. LaPorte Circuit Court Judge Tom Alevizos told Dobeski the jury’s verdict is what matters.

Alevizos then dished out an eight-year prison sentence, the maximum for Class C felony child molesting.

ONLY eight years for molestation? What, is the system broken?

“That is how our system works,” Alevizos said.

Yeesh! It’s worse than I thought!

Dobeski was released in 2003 after serving 40 years for the murders of siblings 6-year-old Shawn Johnston and 3-year-old Cary Johnston in Long Beach.

In arguing for the maximum sentence, LaPorte County Deputy Prosecutor Jennifer Evans said Dobeski molested several young girls prior to the killings. He was never charged but did receive counseling.

Yup, that sounds like California. A molester only gets 40 years for a double child murder; and let’s just forget about the “other” molestations. Counseling will cure everything. Sickening.

Prior to sentencing, the boy’s grandfather told the court he approached Dobeski and asked if he actually killed children. Dobeski said he did but they were older and felt he had paid his debt. The man then allowed Dobeski to have contact with his grandson hoping his years of studying psychology in prison might help the boy with some troubles.

So, the grandfather KNEW, but still allowed the molester to see his grandchild????

Dobeski has a trial June 9 on Class D felony possession of child pornography.

Yep. Bet he’s quaking in his boots over THAT trial. Might get another two weeks on his sentence. I want to know where are the Accessory Charges on the grandfather for allowing this molester near his grandson. He needs to be in jail, too.


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These two articles very succinctly demonstrate one of the BIG differences in Texas Justice and that pale imitation in Indiana:

We actually prosecute our child molesters here, and we don’t actually debate the issue. From the Northwest Indiana Vidette-Times
comes this astonishing tale of the worst kind of predicate molester; who got a wrist slap for his rape/ sexual torture /kidnapping case, with my commentary along the way:

Maximum sentence in sex torture case
BY BOB KASARDA; Friday, May 09, 2008

VALPARAISO | Porter Superior Judge Roger Bradford said the molestation case involved the most egregious acts of mistreatment he has seen during his nearly 28 years on the bench. The 39-year-old pleaded guilty to four felony counts stemming from accusations he began fondling the girl at the age of 10 when she asked him about sex. The abuse became more aggressive and during the start of her school year in August 2004, police said Parsons bound the girl to a homemade restraining device with ropes, handcuffs, Saran Wrap and velcro straps on at least three or four different occasions while torturing her and performing various sex acts.

On one occasion he reportedly forced her to wear his firefighter gas mask, placing tape over the glass viewing area and sticking a sock in the breathing receptacle, police said. Following each of the incidents with the restraining device, Parsons would handcuff the girl to his bed and force her to have intercourse, police said. The forced sex occurred twice each week and Parsons reportedly took photos and placed them on his home computer. “You used me to fulfill your sick fantasies,” the girl told Parsons Friday.

So, this is some pretty sick stuff to do to a ten year old girl, right?

Hold onto your seats; it gets worse:

The judge sentenced former South Haven firefighter Michael Parsons on Friday to the maximum 28 years behind bars for turning an underage girl’s questions about sex into five years of abuse that culminated in acts of torture.

Parsons, who could complete the term in 12 years or less with credit for time already served and for good behavior, apologized and told the court he was ashamed of his actions.

So, with any luck at all, the girl will be about 21 years old when her molester gets another crack at her. Lovely.

Parsons pleaded guilty to felony counts of child molesting, sexual misconduct with a minor, child exploitation and criminal confinement. Prosecutors dropped nine other charges for the guilty plea.

Another magnificent plea-bargain by Brian Gensel and the Porter County Prosecutor’s Office. How nice for them.

Upon his release from prison, Parsons will be required to register as sex offender. As a result of the maximum sentence, he will not be supervised on probation or undergo treatment, but will have some oversight on parole.

Why – The – Hell Not
??????? He’s a molester; and the worst kind of molester; one who targets pre-pubescent girls. He’s a sexual sadist, and has admitted to this in court.

And the porter County Prosecutor’s Office AGREED TO THIS in the plea bargain. Peachy.

And the money quote?

Parson’s mother, Penelope Parsons, said she does not condone her son’s actions, but told the court he is a caring and helpful person.

Really, Mrs. Parsons? When? When he’s not living at home in his mother’s basement sexually torturing ten-year-olds?

Now, contrast this with this report from KETK news in Tyler Texas:

Mother that forced her children to have sex with each other – sentenced to life

By Tamara Jolee: May 9, 2008 at 9:06 PM CDT

TYLER – Shauntel Mayo – the woman that organized the “Mineola Swinger’s Club” and forced her own children to perform there – was found guilty in a Smith County Courthouse Thursday.

The jury decided 29-year-old Shauntel Mayo’s fate in less than five minutes.

She received the maximum sentence of life behind bars and required to pay a $10,000 fine for engaging in organized criminal activity. She will be eligible for parole in 25 years.

“The unthinkable,” said Smith County assistant district attorney Joe Murphy. “She had her kids have sex with each other and taught them to masturbate. She taught them how to strip. She withheld food from them. All so she could make money.”

The so-called “Mineola Swinger’s Club” is a place where Mayo forced her kids to go, if they wanted dinner.

Inside that ‘club’, which was a rented-out business that ironically once served as a daycare and hospital, Mayo and five others are accused of running an operation that forced young children to dance and perform sexual skits for food.

Five of the children are now in custody and three of them are Mayo’s kids.

Texas Ranger Phillip Kemp, the lead investigator in the case, testified Wednesday that he believes that at least 15 more kids ‘performed’ at the “Mineola Swinger’s Club” – but the investigation to locate them continues.

In March and less than 10 minutes after deliberating, a Smith County jury found Mayo’s live-in boyfriend, 36-year-old Jaime Pittman, guilty of aggravated sexual assault of a child and he was sentenced to life behind bars. Mayo’s mother, Sheila Sones, is also charged in connection wtih this case.

At the times the alleged assaults took place in 2005, the defendant’s children were a five-year-old girl, six-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl. The sibling’s aunt and defendant’s sister, who was also six-years- old, also testified she was forced to dance and have sex with the other children.

One after another, the children described in graphic detail of a place they dubbed ‘kindergarten.’ At ‘kindergarten,’ they said they learned how to strip, dance and perform sexual acts. First on dolls, then on each other. They also testified about ‘silly pills.’ Those pills were what each kid described they were given before going on stage. Prosecutors testified that the pills were likely Vicodin.

Upon “graduating” from ‘kindergarten’ the children said they moved on to “perform” at the club. After patrons paid a fee to get in, the kids say they had sexual contact with other children in front of an audience – including siblings and family members.

Jury members — six men and four women — cried as the kids testified
. The children would not look at their mother until prosecutors asked them to identify and article of clothing she was wearing.

Another great reason to live in Texas; we protect our kids.

Happy Mothers Day.


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Even by Porter County standards this story has me speechless. Speechless!!!

Let’s start from the beginning here. From the Northwest Indiana Vidette-Times:

Man charged with molesting three girls
Wednesday, July 27, 2005; PORTER COUNTY

Jerry W. Morris
gained access to at least three girls and molested each one of them during the past five years, police in Valparaiso and Portage said. Morris, 27, of 5220 Terry Ave., Portage, was charged Monday with three counts of child molesting. He faces up to 66 years in prison if convicted of molesting all three girls.

Police said Morris gained access to at least two of the girls because they are related to the woman he was dating in Valparaiso. One of the girls told police Morris touched her genitals and had her touch his genitals. Another girl told police Morris tried to force her to perform oral sex. The third girl told police Morris grabbed her right breast and wiggled his toes against her genitals.

Yeah, tht’s fairly graphic; but Sixty-Six years means there was more pretty bad stuff Mr. Morris was doing to these little girls. So, of course, the first thing he does is get a plea bargain:

Portage molester gets four-year sentence
Saturday, January 21, 2006; VALPARAISO

Jerry Morriswas sentenced to four years behind bars this week after pleading guilty to two counts of child molesting.

Morris can complete the term in half the time with good behavior, after which time he will spend six years on formal probation, according to the terms of a plea agreement approved by Porter Circuit Court Judge Mary Harper.

Morris is also required to register as a sex offender, submit to HIV testing and was ordered to have no further contact with the young victims. In return for the guilty pleas, prosecutors dropped two other molestation charges, including one that carried a potential sentence of between 20 and 50 years behind bars.

Now, I don’t know about you, but a drop from a sixty-six year sentence to only four years is one hell of a drop. Even assuming one of the victims refused to testify (notice how the first article said ‘three victims” and this one says “two counts of child molesting”?) that’s one hell of a drop in time. I think the key here is the judge; Porter Circuit Court Judge Mary Harper.

As in, the ex-wife of County Commissioner Bob Harper; Master of the Plea Bargain.

(I’m dying to know who Morris’ lawyer was!) Anyway, it get worse, as we read in Wednesday’s Vidette-Times:

Repeat molester faces more prison time
BY BOB KASARDA; Wednesday, April 16, 2008

VALPARAISO | A 29-year-old Portage man pleaded guilty Tuesday to molesting a child shortly after being released from prison for the same type of offense.

Jerry Morris, who faces as much as eight years behind bars on the charge, also pleaded guilty to violating his probation by drinking alcohol, looking at pornography on the Internet and failing to pay his fees.

Morris said he fondled a 6-year-old girl between March 2 and Aug. 10, 2007.

In return for the guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to drop the opportunity to enhance his sentence as a habitual offender. Porter Circuit Court Judge Mary Harper took proposed plea agreement under consideration and will decide June 10 whether to accept it and carry out sentencing.

If the deal is approved, Morris will further be required to register as a sex offender upon his release from prison, have no further contact with the victim and take part in a sex offender treatment and monitoring program.

Morris was sentenced by Harper in January 2006 to four years behind bars after pleading guilty to two counts of child molesting. He was also given six years on formal probation.

So, let’s be clear here: Morris was sentenced to four years on a plea deal down from Sixty-six years. He only did barely a year of timeand now wants the same plea deal again!!!

And since the same Prosecutor’s in the Prosecutor’s Office have approved almost the same Plea Bargain in front of the same judge as approved the Last One — it’ll probably happen!

But wait — it gets worse!!! Judge Harper is the recipient of the 2002 Marilyn J. Niequist Memorial Award for Helping Troubled Youth!!!

Named in honor of the county’s former chief juvenile probation officer who died at age 50 in 1982, the Niequist Award recognizes someone who has carried on Niequist’s dedication to troubled youth.

In her first six years as circuit court judge, Harper has spearheaded the formation of several major programs affecting youth and their families. Among them are Project Attend, a collaborative effort between the probation office and schools aimed at curtailing truancy in very young students; the Juvenile Summit, a collaborative effort between community agencies and the courts; and a mediation center where families can obtain assistance in settling disputes without having to come before the judge.

But perhaps her most far-reaching endeavor so far has been the establishment of the Family Court, which, despite getting almost no funding from the county, has been recognized statewide as a model program that integrates different court cases affecting the same family.

Harper has also served on the boards of the Family and Youth Services Bureau, the Boys and Girls Clubs, the Portage Mayor’s Commission Against Domestic Violence, the Porter County Early Intervention Planning Team, and the Porter County Community Corrections Advisory Board, among others. “There’s no stronger applicant (for the award)… than Judge Harper,” Beier said.

And the capper? It’s an election year — and Judge Harper is up for election.

She’s running unopposed for her judicial seat.

Are you outraged yet?


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You may have noticed I tend to pick the flaws out of the Prosecutor’s Office in Porter County Indiana. If so, it’s for two reasons: (1) Easy targets are the most fun sometimes, and (2) always write about what you know.

These guys, I know.

Plus the Porter County Prosecutor’s office is a microcosm of the state of the nation generally towards sex offenders. And as much as I like to slam the Prosecutor’s Office in Porter County Indiana, sometimes they do things right — even if it’s backhandedly and facing down the ire of an angry judge. Apparently Porter County, through their user’s fees on convicted sex offenders and publicity through their sex offender’s website — has mad it impossible for released offender’s to get jobs outside — and their lack of jobs means they can’t pay the user’s fees, which means BACK TO JAIL THEY GO!!! From Wednesday’s Northwest Indiana Vidette-Times:

Poverty costs sex offender his freedom
BY BOB KASARDA; Wednesday, April 09, 2008

VALPARAISO | The county has sent a second sex offender back to prison because he did not have enough money to comply with the stringent rules of living on his own.

The action was taken on the heels of news that the Sheriff’s Department plans to begin collecting a $50 annual registration fee and $5 change of address fee from sex offenders and violent offenders to offset its cost of maintaining the offender registry.

Porter Circuit Court Judge Mary Harper sentenced Gary Branham on Monday to complete the three-year balance of the original five-year prison term he was originally eligible to spend free on formal probation.

(Please Note Here!!! — Branham was originally sentenced to a FIVE year prison term for molestation — like THAT’s enough time??? — and ONLY DID TWO YEARS??? Now, YOU tell me there’s nothing wrong with our judicial system!)

Branham said he was unable to find a job upon his release from prison and receives just $554 a month in Social Security payments, which leaves him unable to afford an appropriate place to live or pay for the required sex offender treatment and monitoring services. The probation department moved to revoke his probation and Branham admitted Monday to being unable to comply with the rules.

“We have to keep our community safe,” Deputy Prosecutor Cheryl Polarek said in support of the prison time. (Gee, Cheryl, welcome aboard.)

Defense attorney Matthew Soliday said he looked into two potential shelters in neighboring Lake County for Branham, but neither worked out. “There’s really no place for him, unfortunately,” he said.

Branham was initially sent to prison for molesting an 8-year-old girl at his apartment and at The Salvation Army in South Haven.



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