A Heartfelt Thank You To George & Laura Bush

Baldfacedly Stolen from the “Thank You George Bush” Website:

This site gives everyone a chance to thank George Bush for his 8 years of service.

george_laura_bushNot everyone will agree with everything the president did, but I think everyone can be thankful for his humanitarian work and for keeping us safe everyday since Sept 11, 2001.

Millions of lives have been changed for the better around the world under the Bush administration. Even those like myself who were against going to war with Iraq, I appreciate and admire his determination to ensure those folks had a chance to live in peace and freedom, with a brighter future and hope for a better life for there children.

No leader of any country at any time has worked to provide as much humanitarian support to the sick, oppressed and broken hearted in Africa. Billions and billions have been spent to help alleviate the suffering and feed the hungry.

Bono on Bush about AIDS:

There will be few things that he will do in his administration that will touch more lives

Bill Clinton About Bush For Global Food Policy

Clinton also saluted President Bush for pushing to change U.S. food aid policy. “He was right and both parties that defeated him were wrong.”

Bob Geldof On Bush’s Policy For Africa

“has done more than any other president so far.”

Huffington Post On Bush & AIDS in Africa

literally millions of lives will be saved.

perhaps the president’s most overlooked recent accomplishment was his plan to bring eglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), which afflict one billion people, under control.

LA Times On Bush & Africa

U.S. aid to Africa has tripled under his watch. Trade has almost doubled. And his $30-billion initiative fight the global HIV/AIDS pandemic — he signs this year’s measure next Wednesday — may stand as the largest international health initiative ever initiated by one nation to address a single disease.

September 11, 2001

I also want to thank George Bush for keeping everyone safe since Sept 11, 2001. Although there have been dozens of attempts by groups to commit more attacks, by the grace of God none of them were successful.

Will the future be kinder to Bush?
– Bush supporters are quick to point out that there have been no major terrorist attacks on U. S. soil since 9-11

– 50 million people liberated in Iraq and Afghanistan

– In Africa, Bush is a full-fledged hero after quietly tripling aid to the continent during his presidency,

– His policies are estimated to have saved 10 million lives, and stand in stark contrast to those of his predecessor, Bill Clinton, who paid little attention to Africa during two terms in office.

– Consequently, Bush has an 80 per cent popularity rating in Africa,

– In Iraq, Bush’s “surge” – his deployment in 2006 of an additional 30,000 troops to the battleground – is heralded by his administration and some military experts as having brought more stability and security to the country.

– Relations with North Korea and Iran have also recently improved under Bush’s stewardship

– Also under Bush, decades of chilly Cold War relations with India ended earlier this year as the two countries signed a landmark accord that allows American firms to sell civilian nuclear technology to India

– Bush also constructed what’s considered the most racially diverse cabinet in American history

– Domestically, the U. S. education system looks to be in slightly better shape – under the No Child Left Behind school reform

– Bush’s prescription drug benefit program has also provided low-cost drugs to 25 million senior citizens

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  1. The only thing we should concede here is Bush’s work in Africa. In that, we should congratulate him for his work.

    He presided over the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression (seemingly in “coast” mode until the new president took over) and got us into a war under false pretenses. Even though Iraq under Saddam’s grip was clearly incapable of launching any serious threat, we went in there anyway. Rightly, we go into Afghanistan, but years later, the guy behind 9/11 is still on the loose.

    Other than 9/11, Katrina was the worst disaster on his watch and his administration failed miserably in supplying aid in needed areas.

    Obviously, we incurred no major terrorist attacks after 9/11, and that could be credited to Bush’s legacy, but it could also be credited to a myriad other elements.

    In the end, Bush did us good, I think quite sincerely, in attempting to keep us safe. But that’s about where it stops. Keeping us safe is at the core of what being president is about. In other matters, be them foreign affairs, education or military decisions, he failed and failed quite consequentially.

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