* Gender: Male * Industry: Science * Occupation: Mad Social Scientist; Zen Christian * Location: Bexar County, South Texas : United States About Me Durn near six feet tall. Wears reading glasses. Speaks English, French, and Sign Language - understands some German and Spanish. Strong as a bear, and about as big and hirsute as one, too. Weird sense of humor. Bachelor's in Psychology and works as an LVN Nurse -- working on his RN degree. Wife's relatives live in London, Brussells, Paris, and Mauritius, so we tend to Globe-trot. Been married nineteen years; have a 16-year-old son who knows everthing in the world -- just ask him. All entries copyright year of publication by the author; unauthorized use is copyright infringement, dammit. Don't make me come over there! If you could peer far enough into the night sky, you'd see a star in any direction you looked. When would you sleep? Anytime I wanted to. I'm a nurse; we sleep 24/7 depending on the shift we're working. I may very well be asleep right now. Doofus! Interests * Zen Christianity * Politics * Psychology * Sociological intricacies of modern society * finding a way to sample every single type of chocolate known to man. Favorite Movies * Who goes to movies anymore? Mel Gibson's THE PASSION -- THE GOSPEL OF JOHN; The STAR WARS series; and Disney's THE THREE MUSKETEERS is an underrated classic. Favorite Music * K-Love (www.klove.com). Otherwise * see below. Favorite Books * I've got an Amazon Widget on my blog. Feel free to send me anything on it (except the first two books -- I've already got them * and love them!) "This precious gift of life . . . demands on an intellectual and spiritual level that I fight hard for the things I believe in . . . This is merely my written manifesto of how I live my daily life. I put my heart and soul into being the best that I can be, I am irrefutably and conclusively in the asset column at the end of every day of my life. I'm not for myself, I'm for my family, and my neighborhood and this country . . . Those that would argue with that are either stoned or so recently stoned their logic is all but gone." --Ted Nugent, October 2008, The Village Voice

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