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I found these images in an e-mail, so I can’t exactly vouch for their authenticity. However, the statistics are easily researchable, and if you’re getting all your information from me, there’s already a problem, right?

So, the founder’s in their own words supported the Bible, and what it has to say for our lives. Cool.

So what do you think happens when we remove the Bible from our daily lives? Say, even, from our schools?



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This is a Peter Morrison Report from earlier this month that technical problems didn’t allow me to post (my apologies to Mr. Morrison.) Yet it’s still very timely, giving an insider’s view of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) controversy without the invective and belittling the Left so loves to do:

It is extremely important that conservatives and patriots from around the state contact the Texas State Board of Education to voice support for the revisions that the SBOE made earlier this year to the Texas social studies textbook standards.

If you can, please take one of the following actions:

1. Sign up to testify before the State Board meeting in Austin. Wednesday, May 19th will be a full day of public testimony before the SBOE. The signup to testify starts early on Friday, May 14th. Be sure to call the Texas Education Agency early on that morning at 512-463-9581 to make sure you get a spot to testify!

2. Contact the SBOE by sending them an email at sboesupport@tea.state.tx.us and let them know that you support the revisions that have been made.

Right now, the SBOE is hearing from groups like the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), NAACP, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), Texas Families of Incarcerated Youth, Sikh Coalition, U.T. Austin Department of History, Carrizo-Comecrudo Tribe of Texas, Hindu-American Foundation, Coalition for Educational Reform, Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission, and many other individuals. They have been asked to include more minorities, more liberal groups, less about our Christian heritage, less about limited government, more about race and gender, and less about free markets and gun rights.

The SBOE has already heard from lots of liberals and liberal groups. They need to hear from conservatives as well!

Please either call 512-463-9581 and get a spot to testify or email the SBOE at:


The information below is from my SBOE representative, Barbara Cargill, one of the conservative members of the SBOE:


This Fact Sheet clears up much of the misinformation from the media about the K-Grade 12 social studies standards. Please feel free to share it. Many of us on the State Board of Education (SBOE) will continue to work diligently for rigorous history standards that teach our children about their rich heritage and emphasize our country’s founding principles. We want students to learn more about the Founding Fathers and patriot heroes of both our state and nation. Important leaders who were neglected previously have been added to the standards. These include John Quincy Adams, John Hancock and John Wise. And we have placed stronger emphasis on key historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Students will learn the liberties and responsibilities guaranteed by each amendment in the Bill of Rights.

Here are examples of some of the outstanding standards that have passed so far:

American History:
-The student understands the concept of American exceptionalism.
-Describe how American values are different and unique from those of other nations;
-Describe U. S. citizens as people from numerous places throughout the world, who hold a common bond in standing for certain
self-evident truths.
-Discuss the meaning and historical significance of the mottos “E Pluribus Unum” and “In God We Trust.”

U.S. Government:
-Analyze selected issues raised by judicial activism and judicial restraint.

Grades 1-3: (with the word “equality” added in Grades 2-3)
-Identify characteristics of good citizenship including truthfulness, respect for others and oneself, responsibility in daily life, and participation in government by educating oneself about the issues, holding public officials to their word, and voting.

Grade 6:
-Understand the importance of morality and ethics in maintaining a functional free enterprise system.

Grade 8:
-Describe how religion and virtue contributed to the growth of representative government in the American colonies.

Over the last few months, the SBOE has heard testimony from people representing League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), NAACP, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), Texas Families of Incarcerated Youth, Sikh Coalition, U.T. Austin Department of History, Carrizo-Comecrudo Tribe of Texas, Hindu-American Foundation, Coalition for Educational Reform, Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission, and many other individuals. We have been asked to include more minorities, more liberal groups, less about our Judeo-Christian heritage, less about limited government, more about race and gender, and less about free markets and gun rights.

The final vote is on May 21st. The conservatives on the SBOE need help from patriots across the state to ensure that the revisions we have made to the standards are upheld. On Wednesday, May 19th we will have a full day of public testimony. People from many of the same organizations listed above will be back to speak to the SBOE. Please use this opportunity to come and address the Board yourself! Signing up to testify for the May 19th State Board meeting begins on Friday, May 14th. Please call the Texas Education Agency early at 512-463-9581.

If coming to Austin is not an option, let your voice be heard by e-mailing sboesupport@tea.state.tx.us. The proposed social studies standards are posted at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/index2.aspx?id=3643. Charts that list the historical figures in the social studies standards are posted on that same page for verification of information. Please take a look at the standards for yourself and do not rely on what the media says. The Fact Sheet is pasted below for your convenience.

Thank you for your encouraging messages and for your support about this important issue.

For our children,

Barbara Cargill
State Board of Education, District 8
Chair, Committee on Instruction


State Board of Education
Social Studies TEKS Fact Sheet

A. FALSE ALLEGATION: The State Board of Education is not listening to educators and experts and as such the SBOE should send the social studies standards back to the original review committees.

FACT: The Social Studies TEKS review committees and some history experts made some revisions that were unsupportable, and the State Board of Education had to direct changes or vote to return to the original content.

Christmas, Neil Armstrong, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, religious heritage language, Independence Day, Veterans Day and Christopher Columbus were either removed completely or partially from several grade levels by the review committees. The State Board of Education members have assured concerned members of the public that these historical figures and important concepts were placed back in the standards where they had been taught for the previous 10 years. This action was based on the urging and feedback from numerous educators, experts and concerned members of the public. One “historian” even suggested Alexander Graham Bell and the Texas Rangers should be removed from Texas social studies standards. This recommendation was not adopted.

B. FALSE ALLEGATION: The State Board of Education is making decisions on its own and not listening to educators.

FACT: Numerous educators urged the State Board of Education to teach students accurately about the country’s religious heritage and American Exceptionalism.

The State Board of Education voted to include requirements that students study about America ‘s religious heritage and American Exceptionalism.

C. FALSE ALLEGATION: The State Board of Education is deleting minority figures from the social studies curriculum.

FACT: The proposed Social Studies TEKS include more minority representation than ever before.

Among the many individuals who have been added to the standards are Crispus Attucks, Jose Bernardo Guillermo de Lara, Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Wentworth Cheswell, Francisco Coronado, Bernardo de Galvez, Juan de Onate, Adina de Zavala, Enrique Esparza, W.E.B. DuBois, Carmen Lomas Garza, Henry B. Gonzalez, Raul A. Gonzalez, Maria Mitchell, Ellen Ochoa, Jose Antonio Navaro, Irma Rangel, Juan Seguin, Erasmo Seguin, Phillis Wheatley, Lulu Belle White, Diane Gonzales Bertrand, Simon Bolivar, Bessie Coleman, Tomie de Paola, Marcus Garvey, Lydia Mendoza, Kadir Nelson, Danny Olivas, Raymond Telles and Amado Pena Jr.

D. FALSE ALLEGATION: The State Board of Education is eliminating Cesar Chavez and Thurgood Marshall from the standards.

FACT: The State Board of Education members have not made any amendments to delete Cesar Chavez or Thurgood Marshall. The SBOE actually increased the emphasis placed on these historically significant individuals.

Both Cesar Chavez and Thurgood Marshall have been made required elements of the curriculum framework. Students will study the legacy of these historically significant men in both the elementary grades and in high school, as Cesar Chavez has been added to Grade 5 American history and Thurgood Marshall has been added to the Grade 2 standards. Both already are taught in U.S. History Since 1877.

E. FALSE ALLEGATION: The State Board of Education has included conservative groups in the Social Studies TEKS without listing any liberal organizations.

FACT: The curriculum standards include historically significant individuals and groups from a wide array of ethnic, cultural, racial and religious backgrounds.

For example, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is required study at two different grade levels. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) also is required, as is separate study of founders W.E.B. DuBois and Ida B. Wells at various grade levels. Other notable leaders such as Anne Richards, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Jordan also are included. Students are required to study various social and political advocacy positions, including organizations that promoted civil rights for African Americans, Chicanos and American Indians.

Individuals who promoted civil rights, labor rights and women’s rights also are included, such as Upton Sinclair, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Ida B. Wells, W.E.B.DuBois, Clarence Darrow, Martin Luther King Jr, Cesar Chavez, Thurgood Marshall, Hector P. Garcia, Frances Willard, Jane Addams and Dolores Huerta. The proposed history standards include diverse individuals and groups for study at each grade level.

F. FALSE ALLEGATION: The State Board of Education is excluding Hispanic and African American Medal of Honor recipients.

FACT: The State Board of Education expects students to know the significant contributions and heroic actions of Medal of Honor recipients from all backgrounds.

The SBOE added Medal of Honor recipients William Carney and Philip Bazaar to Grade 8 American history, and added Medal of Honor recipients Vernon J. Baker and Roy Benavides to the high school U.S. History course. The social studies curriculum standards specifically require that students study male and female Medal of Honor recipients of various racial backgrounds.

G. FALSE ALLEGATION: The State Board of Education has eliminated Tejanos who fought at the Alamo.

FACT: The Social Studies TEKS include Tejano leaders who fought at the Alamo .

In Grade 4 Texas history, Tejanos Juan Seguin , Placido Benavides and Francisco Ruiz are required to be studied as important participants in the Texas Revolution. Lorenzo de Zavala and Jose Antonio Navarro, Tejano leaders who died at the Alamo, also are required figures in Grade 4. In Grade 7 Texas history, students again study the significant roles played by Tejano leaders Lorenzo de Zavala and Juan Seguin as they review the events of the Texas Revolution, the siege of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto .

H. FALSE ALLEGATION: The State Board of Education has removed capitalism from the standards and substituted it with “free enterprise system.”

FACT: In Texas , students are required to study economics with an emphasis on the free-enterprise system and its benefits. “Free enterprise system” is the terminology used in the TEKS since 1998 to describe the U.S. economic system. The State Board of Education has voted to retain this term in the social studies standards. At each grade level starting in Grade 2, however, information has been added that states: “Students identify the role of the U.S. free enterprise system within the parameters of this course and understand that this system may also be referred to as capitalism or the free market system.” The SBOE will be retaining the term “free enterprise system” that aligns with state requirements.

I. FALSE ALLEGATION: Thomas Jefferson has been removed or downplayed in the Social Studies curriculum framework.

FACT: Only George Washington is emphasized more heavily than Thomas Jefferson in the social studies standards.

Thomas Jefferson is taught in Grade 5 American history, in Grade 8 American history and in U.S. Government. These are the same grades where Jefferson and his important legacy have always been taught, and the State Board of Education has not changed this emphasis. As the author of the Declaration of Independence , and as a strong proponent of limited government and states’ rights, Thomas Jefferson is the type of Founding Father and patriot hero about whom students should learn more, not less.

J. FALSE ALLEGATION: The State Board of Education has decided we no longer live in a democracy.

FACT: The United States is a constitutional republic, not a democracy.

The Pledge of Allegiance correctly identifies our form of government as a republic, and the State Board of Education members expect students to recite that pledge and understand its meaning. This reference to constitutional republic refers to the form of government our Founding Fathers instituted.

K. FALSE ALLEGATION: The State Board of Education doesn’t believe students should learn about separation of church and state or First Amendment rights

FACT: Students in elementary grades, middle school and high school will learn about the important freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, as the Bill of Rights is outlined in Grade 5, Grade 8 and again in U.S. Government.

First Amendment rights are among the most fundamental we share in this country. Each of these freedoms should be studied, including the freedom of religion. Constitutional protection of religion was provided by banning the Federal Government, specifically Congress from establishing a national religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. A majority of the State Board of Education members voted against a new amendment to the TEKS because its wording downplayed the “free exercise” clause. The Founding Fathers actually encouraged religion, as can be seen in the emphasis given religion in the Northwest Ordinance which passed the same year the Constitutional Convention convened to draft the U.S. Constitution.

The Peter Morrison Report


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Peter has the insider’s view of the Texas Textbook wars this time. Fascinating rading you won’t find in the Drive-By Media:

Over the course of the past several months the national media has been discussing the school textbook wars in Texas.  Typically,almost every article or report was actually liberal sermonizing disguised as journalism. In the past few weeks, these stories have reached a hysterical crescendo in the mainstream media, as it became clear that conservatives were going to triumph in our efforts to keep some of the liberal bias out of school textbooks.

There are few things in life that will have more influence on the future than what our children are taught in the classrooms of public schools. Private and home schools are wonderful, and I’m a strong supporter of both, but the number of students in public schools is far, far greater than the numbers enrolled in private and home schooling, combined. Unfortunately, liberals realized this long before conservatives did, and over the decades our kids’ textbooks have been increasingly filled with left-wing propaganda.

Conservatives finally woke up back in the 1970s, thanks to the heroic efforts of people like Mel and Norma Gabler, the husband and wife team who spent decades exposing the liberal indoctrination that was being passed off as education in Texas schools. Ever since then, the school textbook approval process in the Lone Star state has been a major battleground between conservatives and liberals. This year was no different, as the guidelines for social studies textbooks that will be in force for the next ten years were up for review.

I was a member of one of this year’s panels that produced the recommendations the Board of Education was seeking to implement. From my first hand experience in the earlier part of this process, I can tell you the story of what really happened. It’s nothing like the heavily biased and distorted accounts that appeared in the media across the country. To hear the MSM tell it, Texas was caught up in some sort of right wing extremist hysteria; a combination of a witch hunt to eliminate from history books anything conservatives disagree with and an iron fisted campaign to force a false version of history on our schools simply to imposea far right wing agenda.

That was how the media reports spun things, but in reality, what was happening was the exact opposite. Conservatives were the ones who were fighting to remove liberal orthodoxies with no basis in facts from our school textbooks and to prevent the left-wingers from making the texts even more liberal than they already were. Self proclaimed “progressives”, of course, pretend to be completely objective when it comes to textbook content, so in their minds these left leaning school books aren’t slanted at all, but completely unbiased. That’s nonsense, of course, and it’s why liberals have been squealing like stuck pigs for the past few months, trying to scare Texans and Americans with horror stories about “right wing extremism” taking over our state school board, when all conservatives were doing was restoring a small measure of balance. Don McLeroy, the conservative Republican who heads the Texas Board of Education, called the liberals out for their dishonesty in this regard. “We are adding balance…History has already been skewed. Academia is skewed too far to the left.”

Few things get liberals more agitated than talking about the Christian heritage of the United States, and it’s no coincidence that much of the negative media coverage centered on this subject. As SBOE member David Bradley pointed out, “There’s a hostility toward faith, specifically Christianity.” Liberal revisionists refuse to acknowledge that most of the Founding Fathers believed that religious principles should inform government, and for them, religion meant Christianity, period.

In addition, when liberals don’t get their way, they usually start slinging accusations of racism. According to the Austin American-Statesman, liberal board member Mary Helen Berlanga spent almost all of her time on the board trying to get lots of minor historical figures added to textbooks simply because they were minorities. Berlanga was the one who was obsessed with race, but when conservatives blocked her proposals because they believe people should be included in history books because of their contributions, not the color of their skin, she tried to make conservatives out to be the racists. As she left a board meeting in a huff, she slandered the conservative board members: “We can just pretend that this is a white America. Hispanics don’t exist.”

The irony is that just before she walked out of the meeting, Berlanga had made a motion to identify minority Medal of Honor winners. In her mind, it’s apparently only important to study Medal of Honor winners that aren’t white, yet she has the gall to accuse the conservative board members of being racist! 

Thankfully the conservatives on the Board of Education refused to be intimidated by these reckless accusations of racism (by people obsessed with race themselves), and didn’t cave in. They even had the courage to remove “hip hop music” as a “significant cultural contribution” to be studied by Texas school kids. Their victory isn’t just important for Texas, though, because many textbook publishers follow Texas’ guidelines when coming out with books for the national school market. So, thanks to the brave conservatives on the Board of Education, for the next ten years millions of school textbooks will be more accurate and balanced. They deserve our thanks.

 The State Board of Education is receiving a lot of negative media attention for doing the right thing and they need to hear encouragement from their constituents. Please send them an email at: sboesupport@tea.state.tx.us


http://www.statesman.com/news/texas-politics/politics-sex-religion-are-all-fair-game-at-344354.html http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/13/education/13texas.html?ref=education

The Peter Morrison Report

PO Box 8742, Lumberton, TX 77657, USA

See why I give this guy all the column space he wants?


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The Peter Morrison Report Newsletter (Subscribe HERE) had an interesting Alert on Multiculturalism in Texas schools:

Recently the conservative website WorldNetDaily featured a shocking report from someone in the process of applying for teaching certification in Texas. As part of the certification process, he was required to read several extremely disturbing online articles.

He chose to remain anonymous for fear of being punished for speaking out, because there are radicals deeply entrenched in the Texas educational system who don’t want this information to be made public.

Some of the materials that this prospective teacher was forced to read if he wanted to be certified to teach in a public school had absolutely nothing to do with education as most people understand it. Instead, their purpose was instilling in future teachers the idea that their role in kids’ lives is to act as agents of “social change” in the classroom, all in the name of “multiculturalism.”

Multiculturalism is one of those liberal buzzwords that are so dangerous precisely because they can mean whatever the speaker or writer wants them to mean. In the past few decades, innocuous sounding terms like “social justice” and “celebrating diversity” have become code words used to sneak a radical left wing agenda past an unsuspecting public. Extreme liberals now want to use teachers to indoctrinate our children in the name of multiculturalism.

On one of the websites that is required reading for future teachers, there’s a discussion of what multiculturalism means. Even this site admits that there’s no fixed meaning; but all the definitions they propose make it clear just what multiculturalism is all about – indoctrinating our kids with a radical left-wing agenda. One of their suggested definitions is “education change as part of a larger societal transformation in which we more closely explore and criticize the oppressive foundations of society and how education serves to maintain the status quo — foundations such as white supremacy, capitalism, global socioeconomic situations, and exploitation.”

This ideological jargon makes it perfectly clear what our kids will be learning if we don’t put a stop to this. They’ll be taught that white people are a bunch of racists; free enterprise is unjust and socialism means fairness for all; and the main reason third world nations are impoverished is because they’ve been exploited by greedy, oppressive Western countries. In other words, instead of being given a real education, our children will be taught the philosophy espoused by Barack Obama and his former pastor Jeremiah Wright, who famously said “white folk’s greed runs a world in need.”

That’s just the beginning. If there’s one trait all left wingers share, it’s their unrelenting hatred of traditional family values. The new “certification standards” that liberals want to impose on Texas teachers are no exception. Future teachers are warned that they must not harbor any feelings of “heterosexism,” and that one of their main functions as a teacher will be to eliminate this same “heterosexism” in their students. This is apparently just as important as teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, if not more so, because schools now serve a higher purpose, which is “the transformation of society” to eliminate all forms of “prejudice” and “oppression.”

Heterosexism is the radical new PC term for the belief that homosexual conduct is immoral, or in any way inferior to heterosexual behavior. It’s now established liberal doctrine that homosexuality and heterosexuality are moral equivalents which should be treated exactly alike, and anyone who disagrees is guilty of “hate.” Of course, traditional Americans don’t view homosexuality as being on an equal plane with opposite sex attraction, and part of the teacher’s job is to eradicate this “privileging” of heterosexuality in the minds of our children. The ultimate goal is the very “transformation of society”, in the words of the radical left wing website future teachers are required to read.

What would a “transformed society” look like to these people? Look no further than a book published in October of last year by Sarah Schulman to see what they have in mind for us. Schulman is a lesbian activist, as well as a professor at City University of New York, College of Staten Island. She’s also a Fellow at New York University, and is considered one of the leaders in the fight against “homophobia” and “heterosexism” in America. Here’s what one reviewer says of her book, Ties That Bind: Familial Homophobia and Its Consequences: “In her book, Schulman offers a strategy for dealing with homophobic trauma: Homophobia should be identified as a sickness, with families court-ordered into treatment programs.” To be clear, Schulman is not talking about people who physically assault homosexuals. She’s talking about people who regard homosexuality as immoral. She says they’re “sick” and they should be forced into “treatment” until they’re “cured.”

That’s just one aspect of the “transformation of society” agenda Texas teachers are now expected to take part in. These social engineers want Texas schools to teach this moral insanity to our innocent children, in order to lead the next generation into their brave new world, where free enterprise is oppression, Mom and Dad are racists, America and the rest of the Western World are the cause of third world poverty, and Christianity and traditional moral values are labeled as hate.

It’s imperative that we raise our voices against our schools being used to perpetrate this outrageous radical agenda. This sort of stuff is the last thing our future teachers should be reading, but some of them are being forced to if they want to become teachers. When WorldNetDaily contacted the Texas Education Agency about this, their spokesperson downplayed it, saying these new “standards” aren’t statewide; Texas schools are divided into 20 Education Service Center regions, and so it’s only a regional issue, as if that settled the matter.

That’s not good enough. None of the Education Service Centers should be requiring prospective teacher to read through this radical left wing propaganda in order to become certified to teach. They shouldn’t even be recommending this sort of material in the first place. Our children are our most precious heritage; they’re not pawns to be programmed and used by liberals to accomplish their radical goals of “transforming society.”

Contact Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott and demand that he put a stop to this practice of forcing prospective teachers to read these materials, no matter where in Texas it’s happening:

Click here to send a fax:


Commissioner Robert Scott
William B. Travis Building
1701 N. Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas, 78701

Phone: 512-463-8985
Fax: (512) 463-9838
Email: commissioner@tea.state.tx.us







The Peter Morrison Report

If you haven’t subscribed to Peter’s excellent little newsletter, you really should.

And click through that link above to send that fax. Fax early and often.  Run their damned Fax machine out of paper before lunch.


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This story is a prime example of the corruption and ineptitude of the the little fairy kingdon called Porter County Indiana; and is the major reason I left there seven years ago.

They charged the BUS DRIVER with neglect:

VALPARAISO | A jury deliberated about a half hour Friday before returning to find former Portage school bus driver Terry Burch not guilty of felony child neglect on allegations of ignoring various disciplinary problems on his vehicle last school year.

The 69-year-old Portage resident, who had faced the possibility of going to prison for three years if convicted on the charge, said through his attorney that he was glad the experience was over and grateful for each juror who “spoke the conscience of our community.”

Deputy Prosecutor Tim Haraminac declined to guess what, if any impact the ruling could have on the remaining criminal cases involving the three boys believed responsible for sexual assaulting and otherwise terrorizing fellow students on the bus.

“He was told numerous times something was going on in his bus and he did nothing about it,” he said.

You Lie, Tim. Burch filed at least one written student conduct complaint, as well as several verbal complaints with his superiors — and the Schools did nothing — but they blamed him for it anyway.

Burch testified Thursday he knew nothing about the Feb. 5 incident, which involved allegations that a female student had been sexually assaulted by two of the three boys charged.

And it’s really hard to report what the kids didn’t tell you about. He’s a BUS DRIVER, not a Security Guard. His eyes were on the road — not the back of the bus.

And if these little thugs were terrorizing the bus, whose responsibility was it to hire a security guard? NOT the driver’s I’m sure.

Defense attorney Gregory Sarkisian told jurors Friday that Burch is not a criminal, but rather has been made a scapegoat by school administrators, who failed to do everything they could to protect the students.

The defense had faulted the administration this week for failing to notify Burch of the lengthy list of disciplinary problems involving the three boys in question and for failing to respond to numerous student conduct complaints filed by Burch.

“The administration should be sitting right alongside this man,” Sarkisian said referring to Burch.

Haraminac reiterated his argument Friday that Burch filed just one student conduct complaint while failing to respond to incidents such as the alleged sexual assault.

And here the prosecution screws up their kangaroo-court star chamber prosecution of Burch; they admit he had, indeed, filed a written complaint about student conduct on the bus.

Which puts the lie to Deputy Prosecutor Tim Haraminac, doesn’t it?

I don’t know why I expected anything other than a cover-up and the Blame Game from the Libs running the School Board.


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Just in case you were wondering how Government Health Care Reform would go, here’s a cautionary example from Indiana.  The East Porter County School Board knows whats better for your kids than you, and the parent’s wishes for their children will be completely ignored:

new_hospital_tbicu_31Students with “do not resuscitate” orders signed by parents will still be resuscitated while in the care of the East Porter County School Corp., the School Board decided this week.

The board approved a new policy directing that students in life-threatening medical situations be resuscitated while in the district’s care or on its property, including buses. The policy would supersede the wishes of parents who have signed “do not resuscitate” orders.

Superintendent Rod Gardin said a number of district students who are bused to the Special Education Learning Facility in Valparaiso have such orders.  Students in dire situations would be given medical aid until released to a parent’s care, Gardin said.

The district has not encountered any situations that would fall under the policy in his four years there, Gardin said.

sketch-weeping-womanWell, gosh, that’s sure nice.  Wanna bet it’ll get pretty ugly when — not if — but WHEN they violate some handicapped student’s DNR order?

And if letting a high-school student die sounds cruel and heartless, these type of DNR orders are only given out for the most severely physically handicapped students who have massive physical birth defects and other problems.

But we’re gonna bring them back, by God, despite the wishes of the parents; despite the enormous financial costs it will incur to the parents; despite the devastating emotional toll it will take on the families.

For people in charge of our children’s education, they sure do act from ignorance.

And you were expecting something BETTER with government-run Health care?

Cross Posted At Northwest Indiana Politics


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My webmaster, John, has all kinds of family and friends who are teachers. His grandmother was a tezcher. His aunt Marilyn was a teacher. His first cousin Barb is a teacher. One of his high school sweethearts teaches too.

But sometimes, I wonder if they’re in the wrong profession anymore.

And what is it with school boards acting stupidly lately?

zachary christie scout knifeSix-year-old Zachary Christie was so excited to become a Cub Scout that he brought his camping utensil to school. The tool serves as a spoon, a fork and a knife, and Zachary wanted to use it at lunch.

What Zachary didn’t know was that the gizmo violated his school’s zero-tolerance policy on weapons. And now the Christina School District in Newark, Del., has suspended the first grader and ordered him to attend the district’s reform school for 45 days.

Zachary’s parents insist their son did not intend to hurt anyone, and they are fighting to overturn the ruling.

“Zachary wears a suit and tie some days to school by his own choice because he takes school so seriously,” Zachary’s mother, Debbie Christie, told the New York Times. “He is not some sort of threat to his classmates.”

The school district, in a statement, said rules are rules and defended its decision to suspend the boy.

“At this time, the Student Code of Conduct does not take into consideration a child’s age in a Level three offense,” the statement read.

Fox News is reporting as I write this that this is the THIRD incident in the last few years. One girl was suspended for using a box cutter on an art project — which was provided by the teacher.

And nolw Zach is going to Reform School — REFORM SCHOOL — for thirty days. 9Or, as they call it in Delaware, “Alternative School.”) Oh yeah — a six year old surrounded by gang members — THAT”S a GREAT place for him to be.

And if Zach gets hurt or (God Forbid) killed at the “Alternative School,” Whom the hell do we sue for that?


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