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Summary of this week’s report:

The 2012 Texas primary is only a few weeks away and voting for the right candidates is more essential than it’s ever been. The stakes
are huge at both the state and national levels. It’s vital that we nominate true conservatives to represent us on the ballot in
November. Here are my thoughts on the primary, along with my
personal endorsements.



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Politico notes that something odd is going on with Conservative Fund-raising:

Money isn’t the only thing that matters, of course, but the third quarter Federal Election Commission reports go a long way toward signaling which campaigns are going to be contenders in 2010—and which ones are likely to be pretenders.  After poring through the Oct. 15 FEC campaign finance reports, POLITICO identified some winners and losers in the most recent reporting period.

marco rubioLikewise, the two Republicans pursuing the Florida GOP Senate nomination candidates—Gov. Charlie Crist and former state House Speaker Marco Rubio—raked in the dollars, easily outraising the Democrats’ likely nominee, Rep. Kendrick Meek.

The list goes on and on: In the race for President Obama’s old Senate seat, Republican Rep. Mark Kirk raised $1.6 million to outdistance his leading Democratic opponent, Alexi Giannoulias, in a solidly blue state.

In the Missouri Senate race, Republican Rep. Roy Blunt topped Democratic Secretary of State Robin Carnahan by over $200,000 in the latest quarter. In New Hampshire, former state Attorney General Kelly Ayotte—a first-time candidate without any experience in elected politics—managed to narrowly outraise a sitting Democratic congressman, Paul Hodes.

pelosi reid obama reactionAnd one GOP challenger even ended up raising more money than an incumbent Democratic senator. Former GOP Rep. Rob Simmons, who faces a contested Republican primary, took in $970,000 to powerful Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd’s $900,000.

The list starts in South Carolina, where Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You Lie!” outburst against President Barack Obama netted him a whopping $2.69 million–probably enough cash to last for the entire election.

I can hear the growl of the surf coming in even now. Some Democraps ought to be thinking about getting to High Ground.


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Steve Schmidt, noted Republican Imbecile who managed to completely blow all chance of a McCain victory last year by allowing in-fighting between the McCain and Palin camps, is is coming out of the closet with his Palin hatred:


Steve Schmidt, Camera-Hog & Founder of the He-Man Palin-Haters Club. No Girl Candidates Allowed!

Speaking at the Atlantic’s “First Draft of History” symposium in Washington today (liveblog here), John McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt continued his complete reversal on Sarah Palin’s political future. The man who pushed McCain to nominate Palin as his running mate in 2008 and defended her against criticisms of her inexperience now believes that she could never win a presidential election.

“Most politicians of prominence write a book,” Schmidt said, a reference to Palin’s upcoming “Going Rogue.” “My honest view is that she would not be a winning candidate for president, and if she was [a candidate], the results would be . . . catastrophic. It’s fairly inconceivable she could be elected.”

First, I find it frankly unbelievable that Schmidt ever “pushed McCain to nominate Palin as his running mate in 2008 and defended her against criticisms of her inexperience.” It sounds more like Monday morning quarterbacking to justify his “sudden” negativity towards the best thing that’s happened to the Republican ticket since Teddy Roosevelt.

megan john mccainKind of like all those “I’ve-been-a-Republican-all-my-life” people who endorsed Obama last year, if you catch my drift; many of who were later outed to have been Democrap operatives.

So why the sudden Palin-spew? Fox & Friends reports this morning that the McCain Camp is touting a new plan to “Rebuild the republican Party.”

So, apparently John’s running again in 2012. Big Deal. Wasn’t impressed last time; but if John McCain wants to become the Republican Pat Paulsen, that’s his business.


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