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Twitter user Greg W. Howard is a profligate user of the communications medium known as Twitter. (To you Libs, that means he Tweets a LOT.) And, being a Conservative (and a very prominent conservative at that) he gets slammed by the Lefties – a LOT.

So he’s written to Twitter about the slamming; which is not just limited to death threats, foul language, and generalized uncivilized behavior. There’s also the photoshopping his name onto racist tweets and such, too.

Twitter’s response; Form Letters, and more form letters. He even got a form letter in response to his blog post HERE

Sad. Like the way AOL became the same kind of cesspool years ago, so goes Twitter, Greg wonders?

In recent months, a disturbing trend has been emerging where a small percentage of users have grown increasingly bold in their attacks on other users. These attacks may include outright slander, libel and defamation. At times, the attacks contain overt references to sexual or other bodily function activity in the most graphic and vulgar of terms. The attackers will also resort to posting links within messages appearing to be news and opinion tweets in which the links go to graphic pornographic or scatalogic images. Finally, the last method of attack so to create faked retweets of messages from users in which overtly racial (including use of the “N” word), pornographic, or graphic sexual activity is falsely attributed to the target of the attack.

Twitter does not have any stated minimum age for users in its Terms of Service, unlike Facebook and other services. Therefore, not only are the attacks being seen by all users of Twitter, they are being seen in many cases by users under the age of 18. Video games and movies contain ratings that bar inappropriate material to minors. Twitter has become a free-fire zone where nearly anything goes. It should be rated NC-17 based on the content that is appearing more and more frequently. Users of Twitter may expect to see the “N” word used with disturbing regularity as a means to attack another. Users should also prepare themselves to hear discussions and see images of explosive diarrhea, images of gay orgies imbedded in tweets supposedly about White House Easter egg hunts, see open and graphically vulgar sexual activity being offered or used as abuse, and anything else that may come to mind of the cyberbullies.

Twitter’s official stance is to do nothing unless the activity falls within a very narrow range of proscribed activities. In essence, Twitter condones the activity and makes no effort to control it or shield users from the attacks of other users.

Can’t say I disagree, or that my own experiences have been any different.

Judge for yourself. Pay attention to the form letter from Twitter Customer Service in the comments section, too.



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The Northwest Indiana Times is always good for a laugh from time to time, as they flail desperately to save their ever-shrinking readership audience. I’m fairly sure that headlines like THIS aren’t helping any:

Well . . . duuuuh!

( I add the screengrab only because when the paper finds out how stupid this headline actually reads, they’ll probably change it. but the link is there for you to confirm on your own.)  I should also say please don’t shoot angry e-mails at Laurie Harvey Keagle.  The authors usually don’t write their own headlines- that’s the Editor’s job.  Obviously Laurie’s editor was a bit punchy that day.

Although I don’t think that explains reprinting this goopy, syrupy-sweet Press Release verbatim from the city of Valparaiso director of special events:

On Earth Hour hundreds of millions of people, organizations, corporations and governments around the world will come together to make a bold statement about their concern for climate change by doing something quite simple:

turning off their light(sic) for one hour.

In the U.S. where we are already feeling the impacts of climate change, Earth Hour sends a clear message that Americans care about this issue and want to turn the lights out on dirty air, dangerous dependency on foreign oil and costly climate change impacts, and make the switch to cleaner air, a strong economic future and a more secure nation.
Participation is easy. By flipping off your lights at 8:30 p.m. March 27 local time you will be making the switch to a cleaner, more secure nation and prosperous America.
Our community will be participating in Earth Hour and will help make an important stand on climate change. Porter County is participating by turning off the Courthouse lights. The City of Valparaiso will be turning out the tree lights downtown.
The Valparaiso Downtown Dining Association, Bistro 157, Bon Femme Cafe, Don Quijote, Paparazzi and Pikk’s Tavern, along with Maria Elena’s, have all pledged their support to Earth Hour and patrons will dine by candlelight this evening. Make your reservations now to show your understanding of the importance of this global movement and enjoy a very special candlelit evening. The first 100 patrons of these 6 restaurants will receive a free CFL light bulb compliments of the City of Valparaiso. V-Line riders throughout the day on March 27 will also receive a free CFL light bulb.

We hope you’ll join us in the important and inspiring effort and encourage others to take part. It’s a simple way to make the world a better place.

A free CFL bulb. Oh yeah; THAT’LL do it.

And I’m sure she’s quite serious. Really.

Look, I’m all for conservation and clean air and water. God knows we have the most stringent standards and the cleanest air and water of any country in the world. (Yes, eco-Nazis, we DO indeed. If you want to argue that point, you’ve obviously never been to Europe or Asia. Bombay, Canton, or Mexico City at midday are positively toxic!)

But this “turning off the lights for an hour” junk is just plain stupidity.  It’s unrehashed Luddite-ism, wrapped in a green, fuzzy eco-blanket.  What in the world are we supposed to be teaching our kids with this flippant ridiculousness? How to live without electricity, for God’s sake?  To be like North Korea without any electricity at night?  How much do you want to bet those kids don’t (or even better, kick and scream and refuse) to turn off their cellphones or handheld game machines during Earth Hour?

They ain’t stupid, pardner.  At least, not as stupid as these green fuzzy eco-nazis.

So I’m going to do what I did last year.. Every light in the house will be on. Gonna turn on my Christmas lists, too. (C’mon, some of you know full well you haven’t taken down your Christmas lights yet. Here’s your chance to make them work for you. Crank those puppy’s up.

And just to tweak the eco-nazis – I’ll light every candle I have, too — just to throw some CO2 into the atmosphere. Kick up the Global warming alert status a notch.

Again, Trace Adkins shows us the way here:


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If you are not watching Fox TV’s RedEye, you are sorely missing out. Granted, the 2:00 am CST Fox News Show is a tad hard to watch whilst most of us hard workers are snoozing the night away, but that’s what TiVo and VCR timers are for, right?
Saturday Night Live used to be before Loren Michaels ran the franchise into the ground. And there’s enough running in-jokes to make you recognizable to another Red Eye watcher as one of the cognoscenti.

And if you didn’t get that reference, you’re worse than Hitler. (Another in-joke, by the way . . . )

Mediaite notes:

MSNBC’s David Shuster became a fan of Fox News’ late-night comedy/news hybrid Red Eye just in time for its three-year anniversary.

And it’s coming at a time when the 3amET show is seeing big ratings in the A25-54 demographic – even topping CNN prime time last week.

Just like when we highlighted the show’s ratings in September 2009 (which the FNC advertising department enjoyed as well, taking out full-page ads in the New York Post and others), the ratings for last week show Red Eye beating CNN again. This time, the show had better ratings in the A25-54 demographic than Campbell Brown at 8pmET and Larry King at 9pmET, and tied Anderson Cooper at 10pmET (Monday-Thursday).

For Friday’s third-anniversary show, there was a look back at the past few years, including the second episode – which was…fairly raw. And featured an unkempt, pre-Big-Everything Andrew Breitbart.

“I want to thank our awesomely awesome fans for watching and supporting us over the last three years,” said Gutfeld. “And if you didn’t support us, you’re worse than Media Matters.”

Very funny clip of the show’s highlights at Mediaite as well.

Set that VCR tonight. You’ll be hooked — and you’ll annoy the heck out of Anderson Cooper.

Hat Tip: Ace of Spades


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Robert Moon at the Houston Examiner has this excellent little listing of the “Top Ten Signs the News Media Might be Biased,” which I’ve synopsized here:

10. Even after John Edwards was caught trying to make one of his employees take the fall, the media still ran fewer stories on it than they did on the bogus tabloid rumor that Sarah Palin was the actual mother of her grandson.

9. They fiercely denounced Pat Robertson for days for suggesting that Haiti was being punished by God (almost 4 million hits on Google), while almost completely ignoring Danny Glover’s claim that the natural disaster was man’s punishment failing to address global warming (just over 300,000 hits).

8. They refused to cover it when Eric Holder “reassigned” a federal prosecutor for daring to investigate voter intimidation at the hands of armed Black Panthers…even as Democrats voted to sweep the entire controversy under the rug, as I noted here.

7.  A hugely disproportionate number of “reporters” used to work as partisan Democrat operatives prior to being trusted to disseminate legitimate news. Brian Williams, Bill Moyers, Jeff Greenfield, Leslie Stahl, Chris Matthews, George Stephanopoulos…

6. Every report of any kind that undermines America or Republicans in any way, no matter how questionable the source or methodology, is blindly repeated as hard fact.

5. Their own employees routinely admit that they are openly cheer-leading for one side.  Even liberal MSNBC anchors openly admit there is no balance.

4. We get total saturation coverage of every alleged injustice against Democrat-approved victims (women, minorities, Muslims, etc.), even when they are clearly baseless (Duke Lacrosse), while even the most heinous crimes against white people, Christians and our troops get buried.

3. They have spent the last year misinforming the public at every turn to promote ObamaCare,  while viciously attacking and silencing dissenting views.

2. They routinely invent bogus partisan scandals (Tom Delay, Lewis Libby, Bush-coke, Bush-National Guard, Alberto Gonzales, etc.)…while constantly burying actual, legitimate ones.

1. Studies regularly demonstrate extreme and consistent liberal bias (see herehere, here, here, here and here). Studies have also shown for decades that journalists are far to the left of the average American voter, that they register as Democrats and that they overwhelmingly contribute to Democrats and liberal causes.

Robert’s little article is much lengthier, and much more detailed. Hurry up and read it HERE.


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Lying Sack of Crap & Op-Ed author Nicholas KristofThe New York Times (of course!) has a fascinating litta guy without Health Care who is being turned away from Emergency Rooms.  Author’s Nicholas Kristof’s argument is that without Government Health Care, he has no hope, and asks “Are We Going to Let John Die?”

One glaring problem with this: it’s a damned dirty lie.

See, there’s this pesky federal law that states no person will be turned away from any Emergency room on basis of failure to pay. Nobody laves any Emergency Room in the United States unless (a) the person refuses treatment, or (b) has been medically stabilized for transfer to a more appropriate facility.

NOBODY leaves untreated. Period. Federal law. Get used to the concept.

And while Michelle Obama tried this concept at the University of Chicago, it’s still illegal.  And if this Op-Ed writer at the NYT knows where this Emergency Room is, he’s aiding and abetting a federal felony by concealing their identity in his column.

Which I doubt — I think either he or the guy he interviewed just made that crap up.  And as a Nurse who frequently works Emergency Room, I am insulted and deeply offended by this Liberal propagandist in Op-Ed clothing.

Put up or shut up, NYT.  Reveal the name of the ER, or admit you made it up.

Lying sacks of crap.


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chuckie-schumerNew York Senator Charles ‘Chuckles’ Schumer, a lawyer who has never practiced at the bar, shows his ignorance of the American system of jurisprudence by blathering on about buying guns in Texas:

Sen. Charles Schumer says a hole in federal gun laws allowed the man charged with a shooting rampage in Fort Hood, Texas to purchase a gun.  Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan has been charged with the shooting spree that left 13 dead.

Hasan purchased a gun at a store in Texas in August even though the Joint Terrorism Task Force had investigated him for possible terrorist ties.

hasan murderer armyAuthorities had taken a look at Hasan after intercepting messages between Hasan and a radical imam overseas. The inquiry was closed sometime in early 2009.

Now here comes the kicker. Hold onto your hat, brother.

Schumer says that should have been enough to raise a red flag when Hasan tried to buy a gun. He says Hasan should not have passed the background check.

I’m sorry, but this assertion is so stupid if fulfills the first three letters of the word “assertion.” Obviously Chuckles has never practiced law, or he’d understand that an accusation is not the same thing as being found guilty. If the investigation closed and no finding of guilt was made, there was nothing to report, Chuck. And if there was nothing to report, there was no way to ban this guy from getting a gun.

Because if the accusation of a crime were the same thing as being found guilty, you’d be guilty of conflict of interest for investigating republican Attorney General Alberto Gonzales while being Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, wouldn’t you?

You’d be guilty of conflict of interest for accepting $2.5 million in campaign contributions from financial institutions while overseeing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, wouldn’t you Senator?

And then there’s that whole thing about leaking your letter about IndyMac Bank and causing the collapse of the bank for your unfounded slanders too, right?

Now here’s the line that had me screaming out loud:

Prosecutors were weighing whether to charge Army psychiatrist Malik Hasan for a 14th murder for the unborn child of one of the soldiers he killed during his massacre at Fort Hood.

Fo prosecutors to charge Hasan with that 14th murder, they would have to recognize an unborn fetus (to most of us that’s a “baby”) as a human life. And since the Army is a federal institution, it would have federal implications.

If you think President Narcissist is going to allow THAT, you’ve got another think coming.

So why did Senator Chuckles bring up this issue: I’ll give you a hint from Wikipedia:

54208285SC004_gasSchumer’s propensity for publicity is the subject of a running joke among many commentators, leading Bob Dole to quip that “the most dangerous place in Washington is between Charles Schumer and a television camera.” President Barack Obama joked that Schumer brought along the press to a banquet as his “loved ones.” [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] Schumer frequently schedules media appearances on Sundays, in the hope of getting television coverage, typically on subjects other than legislative matters. His use of media has been cited by some as a successful way to raise a politician’s profile nationally and among his constituents.[30]

Is narcissism a latent trait among politicians? No wonder he gets along with Barry so well.


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Ed Morissey at Hot Air has some great commentary on this video of Laura Ingraham commenting on several subjects; most notably, how Charlie can feign ignorance over the exploding ACORN scandal (starts about 2:30):

Yeah, I think you’re right, Laura — you’ll be lucky to be invited back to ABC again. I don’t think they can take that much truth lobbed at their anchorman at a time.


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