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I found these images in an e-mail, so I can’t exactly vouch for their authenticity. However, the statistics are easily researchable, and if you’re getting all your information from me, there’s already a problem, right?

So, the founder’s in their own words supported the Bible, and what it has to say for our lives. Cool.

So what do you think happens when we remove the Bible from our daily lives? Say, even, from our schools?



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I have no idea if this footage HERE is real.

But I really, REALLY hope it is. That’ll teach the schmuck to try to molest a martial-arts trained girl.

You really need to watch it. It’s pretty funny when she pulls him back into the elevator and whales the tar out of him; then chases him down the hallway when he tries to escape.


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Well, at least it wasn’t drugs, I guess.

Y’know, I’m the last — literally the LAST — person to accuse someone before the evidence is in. But it’s starting to look really bad for our boy Tiger Woods. So far he has eleven — count them —ELEVEN — women claiming extramarital affairs.

And Tiger’s sponsors are starting to notice:

Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) — Advertisements featuring Tiger Woods have disappeared from prime-time broadcast television and many cable channels following reports of his extramarital affairs, according to data from Nielsen Co.

The last prime-time ad featuring the 33-year-old golfer was a 30-second Gillette Co. spot ran on Nov. 29, according to New York- based Nielsen. Woods also was absent from ads on weekend sports programs tracked, including NFL games, Nielsen said.

The No. 1 ranked golfer’s standing with the public has plunged in the wake of reports of infidelity that followed a Nov. 27 car accident outside his home near Orlando, Florida. Woods’s ranking among celebrity endorsers tumbled to 24th from 6th, according to the Davie Brown Index, which is used to gauge the ability of personalities to influence shoppers.

The Pac-10 pulled an advertisement featuring Woods, a Stanford alumnus, from the Dec. 3 Oregon-Oregon State college football game, Jim Muldoon, a conference spokesman, told CNBC.  Woods has endorsement agreements with Accenture Plc, Nike Inc., PepsiCo Inc.’s Gatorade, Tag Heuer International SA watches, Electronic Arts Inc. and Procter & Gamble Co.’s Gillette. None has said they’ve changed their marketing.

The golfer’s $110 million in annual income from endorsements and tournaments, as estimated by Forbes magazine, hinges on his standing with consumers. Woods ranked as the world’s fourth-highest paid celebrity in the 12 months through June 30, the magazine said. In October, he became the first athlete to top $1 billion in career earnings.

“If I was one of the advertisers who had Tiger as my pitchman I might want to rest it for a while until this stuff blows over,” said Gary Carr, director of national broadcast at TargetCast tcm, a New York-based media buyer.

Did I mention that Woods has ELEVEN women claiming extramarital affairs?

And Two of them are Porn Stars???? (No wonder his wife was chasing him with a golf club. Imagine the disease possibilities . . . ) And, sorry, I’m not excerpting anything from that reference article. Click through if you must, but I won’t — It’s just nasty.

And just to make things as badapparently Tiger let one of the women take naked pictures of him, too.

Playgirl’s rep Daniel Nardicio confirms to Life & Style that the online magazine has received photos claiming to be Tiger sans clothes. But until the photo is proven to be real, don’t expect to see it online. “We’re currently trying to authenticate the photos before we make any decisions on purchasing the Tiger Woods pics and ascertaining the value,” Nardicio tells Life & Style.

In my opinion (which is worth exactly what you paid for it), naked pictures or movies are like tattoos. Eventually somebody will see them, and you’ll wish you hadn’t done that.

In Tiger’s case, it may be a $1 Billion dollar mistake. I’m sorry; but there is no woman in the world worth losing $1 Billion to sleep with.

But in a culture without shame or repercussions, nobody seems to care any more.



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This is something that has bothered me for a long time. When it’s guys on a school bus, it’s “gang activity” or a “Beatdown” or “vicious.”

When it’s girls involved it’s “Hazing,” even when we’re talking about High School:

hazing HSMILLBURN, N.J. — The principal of Millburn High, New Jersey’s top-ranked high school, says it has gone on for a decade: annual hazing by senior girls who create a “slut list” of incoming freshmen for the first day of school. A dozen or more names are written on a piece of notebook paper, with crass descriptions, and copies are passed around — hundreds this year, some say.

“We’ve had girls — which is one of the bad things — obsessed that their names are on it, and girls who were upset that they didn’t make the list,” said the principal, William Miron. “It’s basically vulgar.”

And that is not the only type of hazing that goes on, some girls say. Seniors blow whistles in some girls’ faces and jostle or push them into lockers, leaving them afraid to come to school the next day.

These tales were out in the open on Friday after half a dozen parents complained to public school officials and a discussion of hazing on a private e-mail group for mothers made its way around this Essex County township.

In past years, students found responsible for hazing have been suspended, and up to six senior girls in one year have been held out of school for three to five days, Dr. Miron said. This year, which parents in the e-mail group considered worse than usual, none have been reprimanded.

“Then you’ll be the loser,” said the girl, 14, who said she had not been hazed and whose father, contacted later, requested that she not be named. “And it gets much worse.”

cheerleaders-attack-studentAcross the street, several freshman girls in sports uniforms said that senior girls on the soccer team had blown whistles in their faces, and that some of their teammates had been pushed into lockers.

“I was scared, actually,” one said. “I didn’t want to go to school the next day. It’s done every year, but it’s still pretty mean.”

“Hazing has always been a tradition at Millburn,” she said. “It’s never really a personal attack. As a freshman you get pushed on the first day, and it reinforces the fact that they’re seniors.”  She got pushed three years ago. Did she do any pushing this year? “Not more than anyone else,” she said.

Anybody explain to me why these little punks are any better than those gang-bangers who beat the snot out of the poor kid last week in Belleville Illinois?

Can anyone explain to me why the Principal doesn’t just grow a spine and suspend anyone with a copy of the “slut list” who doesn’t turn it in immediately?

Can anyone explain to me when our schools were populated with people more concerned with legal niceties than Principals actually concerned with educating and keeping safe our kids?

Good God.


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Some people REALLY like McDonald’s, apparently.


I’m not sure what to make of this.  Ronald is smiling, though.

The photo is from a new site (linked atthe right under “Funny Blogs” called The Hawtness; Women of the WTF“. WTF is right. The site is all about women behaving badly under dubious circumstances, most with a tinge of alcohol, sex, or both involved.

And the occasional bestiality; did I mention that? Definitely NOT for the kids. Some parts are quite funny.

Like this one; Thank God for thongs:


Just “some.” Prob’ly a Yankee site.


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This just makes my blood boil. Having been a nurse for 28 years, I’ve seen more than my share of poorly-run nursing homes. Usually the worst run of them are places just like this one where the management is disengaged (at best) and the bad staff run rampant.

Really, I hope they’ve got a prosecutor with guts in Tennessee who isn’t afraid to put some of these upper-management wimps in jail:

James William Wright chose his female victims of alleged rape and sexual abuse for a simple reason: They were elderly stroke victims who could not speak of the horrors, according to a witness and an attorney representing some of the victims.

warning_3km_exhibitionistAuthorities in Bristol, Va., indicted and arrested Wright, a former nurse’s aide, on Tuesday for an alleged serial string of sexual assaults of helpless, elderly women at a nursing home facility owned by Murfreesboro- based National Healthcare Corporation. NHC is the same company that ran the Nashville nursing home where 16 residents died in a 2003 fire.

The four-count indictment for aggravated sexual battery says Wright’s alleged reign of abuse at the Bristol facility, which sits on the Tennessee line, began in 2000 and went through August 2007.

Patricia Davenport, also a nurse’s aide, said she witnessed some of Wright’s abuse. She said she cooperated with state investigators. Davenport told of two instances of sexual abuse.

One involved Wright allegedly fondling the breasts of woman while she was in a wheelchair. The other involved a blind woman who was bedridden. Wright was molesting her as he masturbated, Davenport said.

Davenport said she alerted management above her, but to her knowledge nothing was ever done “It was appalling,” Davenport said. “It was awful. It was perverted and stupid and nasty. They didn’t do anything about it.”

Parke Morris, who represents two of the victims in the indictment, said it’s one of the darkest cases he has ever encountered. For years, Wright raped, molested and sexually abused women at the facility, and the company failed to act in the face of evidence brought to its attention, Morris said.

sex_offender_signAll told, Wright abused as many as 11 women, and probably more, Morris said. Morris is representing nine victims and their families, and he plans to bring suit against officials in the company in coming weeks. Some cases have already been resolved.

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen in terms of corporate cover-up,” Morris said. “We think it goes fairly high in the company.”

Morris said that by the end of Wright’s tenure as a nurse’s aide at the Bristol facility, he was not allowed in the rooms of as many as seven women. In fact, for some women, the sight of Wright brought terror that they could not articulate with words, Morris said.

“Things got completely out of control,” Morris said. “Women would scream when he entered the room.”

Authorities offered few details beyond what was in the official indictment handed down Tuesday by a grand jury in Virginia.  “It’s an ongoing investigation and a pending prosecution,” said David Clementson, a spokesman with the attorney general’s office.

I’ll be watching this one closely. This guy ought not to EVER see the light of day, and the supervisors who did nothing should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as well.



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emma-watson-6Emma Watson (who plays Hermoine in the Harry Potter series) has just turned 18 years old. Most young ladies would be considering college choice or prom dates at this point.

Butfor a world famous actress, Ms. Watson has another option: Whether or not to appear nude in a photo layout.

Hermione Granger – and Emma Watson – have emerged as the breakout stars of the Harry Potter franchise, not a shocker when you consider the dearth of comparable female role models. Obviously, the logical next step is nudity!

A poll that came out yesterday found that Hermione has surpassed Harry as the series’ most popular character, and that 51% of those polled felt Watson had the best chance of a good post-Potter career. That’s encouraging: after all, Hermione is a character defined by her intelligence and scholarship, as well as her bravery and loyalty. Watson, meanwhile, has always come across as composed and thoughtful in interviews, and seems to be choosing her adult career carefully, edging more towards high-fashion than Maxim.

So all this should be really, encouraging, right? Well, maybe, except for the part where, according to Reuters, they feel that career could be as “a sex symbol.” And that 67% of the same poll-ees “approved” the idea of her appearing naked.

emma_01What does a girl have to do? Yes, her upcoming Elle cover is more mature than her Teen Vogue shoots. And it’s true that Hermione and Ron have filmed (apparently with much embarrassment) a long-awaited onscreen snog. But besides a paparazzi shot of her drinking a few years ago, and an accidental flash of panties (which Letterman was quick to leer about), what has Emma Watson done to warrant polls about her nudity or lecherous salivating?

Two excellent points there.  Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that Letterman made a comment about seeing Emma Watson’s panties.  That guy is currently heading the “most likely to be named a dirty old man” poll at my house.  I think he’ll be luck to finish out hte year intact, assuming Emma doesn’t turn him into a toad, or Bristol Palin beat the snot out of him.

Second, what exactly has Emma Watson done to warrant polls about her appearing nude, other than being a prominent female in a medium frequented by teenaged boys?

And why exactly does the Hollyweird crowd find this so “normal”?

I despair for the day Ms. Watson makes such an impetuous and foolish choice.  She is an attractive young lady who has made enough (or will sooon make enough) money that she probably won’t have to work again for the rest of her life.  Why in the world she woul want to show the world her stuff will not gain her another movie contract, or extend whatever career she still has.  It will simply make her another object of derision and lust in an industry built on derision and lust,

For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flowers fall away
(1st Peter 1:24)

Don’t do it, Emma. Show your intelligence. And stop taking slutty pictures with the likes of “Elle” magazine.


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