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Summary of this week’s report:

The 2012 Texas primary is only a few weeks away and voting for the right candidates is more essential than it’s ever been. The stakes
are huge at both the state and national levels. It’s vital that we nominate true conservatives to represent us on the ballot in
November. Here are my thoughts on the primary, along with my
personal endorsements.



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Beloved Guest Columnist Peter Morrison has some sharp words for Austin Insider and Texas House Chairman Joe Straus: FORGET ABOUT BEING RE-ELECTED SPEAKER!

In the history of The Peter Morrison Report, this may be the most important message I’ve ever sent you. After Election Day’s historic Republican gains in Texas, Republicans now hold 99 seats out of 150 in the Texas House. We can now push to remove Joe Straus, the liberal, pro-abortion Speaker of the House, and replace him with a true conservative.

Just as a reminder, here’s why Joe Straus needs to go:

* As Speaker, Straus appointed liberal committee chairs Burt Solomons and Brian McCall who effectively killed all immigration enforcement legislation in the 2009 session. Because the Legislature only meets every two years, this means the ongoing invasion of our state cannot be addressed until 2011 at the earliest.

* Joe Straus is pro-abortion. In fact, his rabbi sits on the board of San Antonio Planned Parenthood. I can tell you what I would do if my pastor supported Planned Parenthood: I would find a new church. Joe Straus clearly lacks the moral compass to be Speaker, the third most powerful office in the state.

* According to Heritage Alliance, in the last legislative session in which he voted, Joe Straus voted with conservatives only 52% of the time, which was the second worst voting record among Republicans. In fact, five Democrats were more conservative than Straus! His claim to be a conservative leader is laughable. He was elected in 2009 because of a coalition of turncoat Republicans and every Democrat in the Texas House.

Both Rep. Warren Chisum and Rep. Ken Paxton, who are Christians and true conservatives, have risen to the occasion to challenge Joe Straus for leadership.

Now I’m about to tell you breaking news about Joe Straus that should infuriate you. He just released a letter yesterday
attacking Rep. Chisum. I’m going to share the last paragraph with you:

“If you truly believe that the Texas House of Representatives should be protected from the kind of scorched earth campaign unleashed by your allies, then I call on you to put a stop to it for the sake of the membership. Stop the threatening letters, mean-spirited emails, and angry phone calls. Let each member of the House, elected to represent the views of their constituents, decide this election free of such divisive hostility.”

Let me translate for you: the election’s over. The grassroots needs to sit down at the back of the bus while the insiders decide who’s in charge. Straus has nothing but contempt for the thousands of conservative Texans communicating with their legislator to try and elect a conservative speaker. You see, in Joe Straus’ world, legislators are supposed to represent their constituents’ views, but if a constituent actually shares their views then that’s “mean

Right now I believe the Republicans in the Texas House are ready for a new Speaker. However, they’re also scared. They know if they come out for a conservative Speaker and Straus somehow survives, they will be punished in the 2011 session.

In fact, one of Straus’ bullying tactics just came to light as I write this. Rep. Brian Hughes released a letter saying he will not
support Straus, and among his reasons why: Straus’ staff threatened him with redistricting if he didn’t cooperate.

Think about this: a Republican Speaker, threatening a Republican member with the prospect of a gerrymandered district that would disenfranchise his conservative constituents. This tactic reveals that Straus is truly a traitor, a man who would hurt conservatives in order to hold on to power.

I think there is great hope right now, but you need to take action. Joe Straus has played “Mr. Nice Guy” for the last two years, but cracks are starting to appear in that facade. His contemptuous dismissal of the grassroots and his bullying tactics reveal desperation in a man who feels threatened by the conservative victory of Election Day.

Now is the time to apply pressure. Now is the time to demand your representative support a true conservative for Speaker.

Your representative needs to hear from you today, demanding they support a conservative like Warren Chisum or Ken Paxton for Speaker. Please go to this site and call or email your member today:


Just enter your address and call your member of the Texas House of Representatives. This is not your Congressman, but your state representative. Then, please visit this site and sign the petition supporting a conservative Speaker:


~The Peter Morrison Report~

















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He said WHAT now?


The deeply odd couple of Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Penn.) and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) appeared together on a Philly radio station yesterday — and things got ugly in short order.

The exchange, broadcast on 1210 AM’s Dom Giordano Show [but not archived on the station’s site], began when Specter challenged Bachmann to articulate what, exactly, she stands for, according to a readout on the clash published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s lively Early Returns blog.

Bachmann first laid out her agenda — cutting taxes and killing President Obama’s health reform bill — at considerable length.

When Specter tried to counter, Bachmann, darling of the Tea Party movement, kept on talking, which didn’t sit well with the one-time Philadelphia DA, who is a stickler for politeness and protocol.

“I’m going to treat you like a lady,” Mr. Specter shot back. “Now act like one.”

Ms. Bachmann replied, “I am a lady.”

Oh yeah — that’s what Ms. Bachmann (who is the mother of twenty-eight children (five naturally, 23 foster kids) needs to be told. Yup – that’ll do it.

Audio clip of the exchange HERE (not too long; a bit over two minutes.)

Bachmann was interviewed on Sean Hannity’s radio show HERE and characterized Specter’s rudeness as “I Was Patronized And Basically Told To Sit Down And Shut Up.”

Which, pretty much, she was, really. Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat woman would have demanded an apology bynow.

Later, on Hannity’s Fox News program that night, Bachmann said she was “Stunned” At Specter’s “Arrogance.”

It’s got to be hard to be Arlen Specter today. Your Democrap friends are threatening you if you don’t vote a certain way; your Republican friends won’t return you calls, and rude upstart women interrupt you all the time.

How dare they! Don’t they know who he is? I mean, REALLY!


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Peter Visclosky (D-IN), noted sock puppet of Pennsylvania corruptocrat John Murtha, knew he was going to have problems at his Town Hall Meetings in his district of Indiana. He remains under investigation for bribery in his dealings with a Murtha-connected Lobbying firm, and while the heavily-Democrat voting areas of Lake county would probably continue to vote him back into office blindly, he expected some Tea Party action in Republican Porter County.

Much to his surprise (and mine), Visclosky drew heavy fire in Lake County forums at Hebron as well as the county seat of Crown Point.

So what to do if you’re an “entitled” Democrap who doesn’t like the mean constituents yelling at you? You make sure the cops are there at your forums.

Oh yeah, THAT will endear your constituents to you, for sure!

The turnout for U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky was bigger in Chesterton — but louder in Portage.

The forum in the Westchester Library Service Center attracted 150 people, while 100 packed the Portage City Council chamber.

At both stops, almost half of the questions on cards and from the floor dealt with the coming House-Senate conference on health care reform bill.

Visclosky again refused to say how he would vote on the bill when it comes out of the joint committee.

Coward. Like we don’t already know he’s voted for almost everything the Obama Administration has rammed through Congress.

One person in Portage asked, “Why are you walking in lockstep with Obama, Reid and Pelosi on their radical agenda?”

The first eruption followed the efforts of Joyce Bennett of Valparaiso to press him on whether health care reform would increase property taxes.  “It’s going to cost Indiana $2.4 billion in additional Medicaid costs,” she said, waving a sheaf of what she said was research that showed health reform is not deficit neutral.

“That is patently false. There’s no connection with property taxes,” Visclosky replied, to general shouts of disapproval.

Excuse me, Congressman Imbecile; she didn’t say anything about Property Taxes. Are you deaf as well as stupid? She said Medicaid Costs — and that’s already in both bills, if you had bothered to read them.

And then it got ugly:

Two Portage police officers stepped forward when a senior citizen, who later declined to identify herself, stood up to vent. “There wouldn’t be this much discussion if we didn’t have so many lies from the House,” she said. She sat down before any action was taken.

And . . . I’m struggling to see what the threat was here that the cops had to intimidate a senior citizen for speaking her mind. Scared of little old ladies, Pete? (Oh, wait — he probably sees Nancy Pelosi on a daily basis; that’s pretty damned scary right there.)

In Valparaiso, one of the questions he faced was whether, if the majority of voters in his district were against health care reform, Visclosky would vote against it. As he has done at other forums, Visclosky demurred.

“I can’t tell you. It’s a work in progress,” he said, adding that while many of those in the audience opposed health care reform, some of the 675,000 people in his district think the proposed reform doesn’t go far enough.

Yes; less than 35% of them according to the polls. So does that mean we go against the will of the majority; or is this still the United States of America, and a democracy, you supercilious twit?

He fought against occasional interruptions, which he pointed out came from people who had done the same at other forums. After one particularly heated exchange, a Valparaiso police officer edged through a doorway into the City Hall chambers. A second officer was stationed in the hallway.

When asked to name “just one thing that government does better than the private sector,” Visclosky said Social Security, drawing both applause and boos as some pointed out the system was going broke.

“I cannot imagine or envision what the average life of a senior citizen would be today if we did not have Social Security,” he said. “I would worry more about the Cubs winning the pennant this year than Social Security going broke,” he said.

Oddly, the Hometown paper of Portage and Chesterton, The Northwest Indiana Times, decided not to cover these events. Not that they’re slanted in their coverage or anything, but they have endorsed Visclosky every time for re-election, as well as endorsing Obama for President.

Probably just an oversight or something.


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In a surge from far, far behind incumbent governor Charlie Crist, Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio has now tied Crist in polling for the 2010 Senate race:

Governor Charlie Crist and former state House Speaker Marco Rubio are now tied in the 2010 race for the Republican Senate nomination in Florida.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely GOP Primary voters finds Crist and Rubio each with 43% of the vote. Five percent (5%) prefer another candidate, and nine percent (9%) are undecided.

Crist’s support has fallen from 53% in August to 49% in October. Rasmussen Reports noted at the time, “The fact that Crist has fallen below 50% in a primary against a lesser known opponent suggests potential vulnerability.”

Rubio’s name recognition has grown in recent months and he is now viewed Very Favorably by 34% of Likely Primary Voters. That’s up from 18% in August. As his name recognition increased, Rubio’s support in the polls has jumped from 31% in August to 43% today.

While ot mentioned directly, President Screw-Up seems to be somewhat directly responsible for Charlie Crist’s woes in the polls:

Crist, well known throughout the state, has seen his ratings go in the opposite direction. Just 19% now have a Very Favorable opinion of him, a figure that represents a double digit decline since August. Crist angered many conservatives in the state when he embraced President Obama’s $787-billion economic stimulus plan. While the Republican establishment has endorsed Crist, many prominent GOP conservatives including Mike Huckabee, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint and former Bush adviser Karl Rove are backing Rubio.

An interesting note to all the Tea Partiers at the end of the article:

However, if a Tea Party candidate is in the race, the picture changes dramatically. A separate, three-way Generic Ballot test finds that Democrats attract 36% of the vote, while the Tea Party candidate picks up 23% and Republicans finish third at 18%.

This suggests — strongly suggests — that Rubio has massive Tea Party support; and given Crist’s strong RINO inclinations, the Cubano-Americano Rubio looks better and better to real Conservatives.

Watch for Crist to get ugly after the first of the year.


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San Antonio’s Tea Party Patriots gathered at the Alamo to Protest the Obamacare bill currently pendingin the Senate on Wednesday, Decembr 16th, 2009.

In the drizzling rain.

In the 40 degree temperatures.

Frankly, I think it was amazing at all we even topped 100 people.  Those are some dedicated, seriously angry people.

(Please pardon the fogginess of the camera; I took it from a cold car into my warm house and everything fogged up.  My bad.)

The Alamo to the right; the Alamo Plaza Christmas Tree (sponsored by HEB) on the left, and the seriously angry people in between.

Protesters were mostly angry about spending (left), and many US and “Don’t-Tread-On-Me” Flas were apparent. (right)

KENS-TV sent both an on-site reporter to do interviews (And open their 5:00 pm newscast as wel), and a helicopter to circle Alamo Plaza.  No other news organizations bothered; not even the San Antonio Express-News, whose offices are three blocks north.

KENS-TV had us all gather aruond the camera and we obligingly sang Obamacare Christmas Carols as the newscast opened.  Lovely people.

The shot as seen from right next to the KENS-TV camera.  Groovy!

This guy had his nifty little signs on poles . . . .

. . . . that he could spin around on those poles and change the messages.  Great idea, nice guy, too.

Waving to passers-by from Alamo Plaza.  Almost every third or fourth car honked; almost ALL of them waved.  Some of them even waved more than one finger at a time.

And a good shot of the other flags there, too.   All things considered, a great turn-out for a terrible day weather-wise, and great coverage for the SA Tea Party as well.


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The American Spectator has what may be the best commentary on the NY-23 race yet:

scozzafava newserAnyone who expected Dede Scozzafava to lose gracefully got a rude awakening over the weekend. Having stubbornly stayed in the upstate New York congressional race long past the point where her defeat was a certainty, Scozzafava made a tearful exit that was a masterpiece of self-pitying distortion.


This was a triple distortion by the liberal Republican assemblywoman who had been the GOP leadership’s handpicked choice for the nomination in the 23rd District special election.

Scozzafava’s poll numbers had been collapsing for weeks. An Oct. 15 Siena College poll showed she had fallen behind Democrat Bill Owens, while insurgent Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman had picked up momentum. Her support melted down rapidly after an Oct. 19 incident when her husband, union organizer Ron McDougall, called police on Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack, who had tried to get her to answer questions about her position on tax increases and “card-check” legislation. Even before the confrontation with McCormack, however, Scozzafava’s candidacy failed to draw strong GOP backing in a district that regularly voted by 2-to-1 margins for Republican Rep. John McHugh, whose appointment as Army Secretary had created the vacancy to be filled by Tuesday’s special election.

After the boohooing appearance Saturday morning where Scozzafava pulled the plug on her doomed campaign, Hoffman’s campaign team issued a conciliatory response and privately urged their candidate’s supporters to end attacks on their erstwhile Republican rival.

Instead, Sunday afternoon, Scozzafava plunged her knife into the back of the party that had chosen her for the nomination, when she announced her endorsement of the Democratic candidate. She had “thought long and hard about what is best for the people of this District,” Scozzafava said, asserting that her concern for “honest principles and a truthful discussion of the issues” led her to endorse Owens.

Thus ended weeks of intra-party division induced by the GOP’s ill-fated choice. As Michael Patrick Leahy observed, “The NRCC and RNC just spent $1 million on Dede Scozzafava. This is their reward.”

There’s a great deal more at the link above, that details the mis-steps and faux-pas that have characterized the Republican’s behavior, not just in Upstate New York, but also nationally.  Somehow in the transition from Ronald Reagan to Michael Steele, the “Big Tent” has been mistaken for a different sort of welcoming committee; where we went from “arms wide open” to something else wide open.


Note to the Republicans, as well as the Democraps: The Tea parties are here, and we don’t take prisoners.


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