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A brief word on absences.

Sadly, I’m bidding farewell to my occasional webmaster John. For several years he ran a family-oriented blog and sometimes put up political stuff. When he moved to San Antonio and we met (we both work in the Healthcare field here) he invited me to sometimes post on his blog, and I quickly took over the joint. John soldiered on as the webmaster (I was completely computer illiterate at the time) and we made Alamo City Pundit a small but (hopefully) interesting blog that sometimes got noted on CNN, Fox News, and other bvlog sites. We made some good friends, too.

Then two things happened in rapid succession. John had a near-death experience (he died. Cool story, but not mine to tell.) and he got attacked by gays over the “Obama Unicorn” post. (Look it up on the site.) He actually got threatened, and some of these militant gays actually called his employer and made threatening calls. Either of those things changes somebody quick.

Fortunately I was insulated by my anonymity, but John never saw the need . . . until the Obama Unicorn incident. John’s got a family to protect. So he’s decided to quit, and I wish him all the best with no hard feelings. I’ll be occasionally posting here and other places as the spirit moves me.

And when I post, it’ll be the cold, hard truth. You demand, and deserve, nothing less.



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I’m Back.

Miss me?

Sorry for the sudden departure. I could go into great detail about the distractions I’ve had in my life the last six months that came to a head mid-March, but it would be boring, and I have no desire to imitate the POTUS by excusing my life away.

Sorry about that.

If you really MUST have a complete detailing, e-mail me at alamocitypundit@hotmail.com and I’ll be glad to send you a short laundry list of my life. As always, the prayers have been greatly appreciated, and much-needed. Now if I can just get this POS Dell crap computer to work right . . .

Now where was I? Ah, yes . . .


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Small, Essential Blog Note

I’ve been having one hell of a time logging on to WordPress lately.

In fact, I’ve been having one hell of a time logging onto the web, period. At first I thought I might have damaged the computer somehow (the messages kept telling me I had a script running somewhere), but I’ve come to realize it’s more likely a virus the former owner of the computer left the firewall open for.

I’m in the process of getting that addressed; and before the end of May it will be permanently fixed. Meanwhile, you might see some days without posts. Just remember, somewhere in Texas, my computer is still loading . . . .

Screw PCs – I’m getting a Mac!


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Back when I was in the Army, when we’d gather for formation and some dumbass officer was late, they’d give us a “break in-place”, which just meant don’t leave formation, but smoke ’em if you’ve got em until the officer figures out what he’s doing.

I’m going to do that for a week or two here — although in literary circles they call this a “sabbatical.”   So I guess this is a “Sabbatical In-Place.”  I don’t really want to, but psychologically I really need to.

I’ve got several things going on in my life right now that are just distracting me too much to concentrate correctly on the blog like I should.  You may have noticed my postings have decreased over the last two months – that’s related to these issues.  I have some health problems that should either get clarified or resolved in the next two weeks.  Plus I’m about to start moving to a smaller apartment as well this week.  That alone takes a lot of time. One of my family members has been ill recently, and is just now out of the hospital.  I’m in the middle of making a YouTube video for my buddy @NaiveAbroad, too.

And my lovely and gracious wife of almost 22 years has moved out of our home; why, she won’t say.  So you’ll pardon me if I’m a bit distracted and unfocused.

Prayers are greatly appreciated during this time. I’ll continue to post her as the spirit moves me during this time, but don’t be surprised if I miss a day or three.


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Got it confused with the last one.  What can I say?  My Bad!

Your world-famous Pundit Will, indeed, be there, so bring your camera.


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In my previous post about San Antonio’s Medina Debate Watch Party Draws Hundreds & Candidates,I neglected to include in the list and photos of candidates Alan Strack, running for the 20th District Congressional seat. I’ve corrected that, and apologize for the oversight. Mr. Strack is actually one of my favorite candidates for the seat, as you’ll see in the article.


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Somebody at IP address (Universal City, Texas) has a bone to pick with your humble Pundit, over this post here:

I do not understand why you are upset that Cathie Adams “selected” an executive director. Isn’t this her responsibility as chair of the party?! If you knew the rules, you’d know that “we” can’t vote for an executive director. He is an employee of the Republican Party of Texas. The word “select” implies a process and that there was more than one candidate. I suggest you inquire as to how this person was selected.
But perhaps you prefer ignorant ramblings.

Now, let me first reassure the commenter here that by no means do I consider them either ignorant nor a rambler.  Their comment in my blog here is a semi-coherent word vomit one rarely sees outside of a bar at 3:00 am, but to term it either a “ramble” or otherwise “ignorant” demeans both of these words.  Your comment does not approach the standards of either term.  A “ramble” is an incohernet discourse, and “ignorant” implies a lack of intelligence.  And while I question the intelligence one anyone who would defend the anti-American actions of Cathie Adams (more on that in a minute), this pathetic attempt at an attack is certainly not “rambling” – it’s the worst sort of attack by a fellow conservative on another conservative — most likely for personal gain.

So, congratulations, imbecile. You’ve already violated Ronald Reagan’s first commandment of Conservatism.  Dimbulb.  But you probably were one of the elitist dipsticks who opposed Reagan, too.  I’ll bet Sarah Frickin’ Palin gets your panties all in a bunch, doesn’t she?

And yes, I’m quite aware you were referring to my own post.  Simpleton.

And, honestly, it makes me seriously wonder if I’m talking to a Liberal when I have to explain just how egregious Cathie Adams’ actions are here.  Do I actually have to explain that the United States of America is a Democracy, albeit a Representative Republican form os said Democracy?  That means we VOTE for our leaders here. Any sort of “selection” that does not involve all of the elctorate so involved is elitist, and by definition against the American way of life.

I’m assuming you’ve heard of the Constitution?  You might want to glance over Article 4, or specifically the 12th Amendment.  It’s all about elections and who the “electors” (that’s us) choose.

Not Cathie Adams all by her lonesome — no, no.

We the frickin’ people, you elitist shite.

But that’s the damned problem with the Republican Party today, isn’t it? A bunch of elistist fracks that have forgotten the first principles of the Republic.

Thank you, kind sir, for so ably demonstrating to my worldwide audience exactly what we do NOT want to become.

Come back anytime.  I relish the chance for a light workout with the wits of the Internet.

Or. at the very least, halfwits like yourself.


PS: Please,  Bite me.  Sincerely.

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