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Robert Gibbs, World Class Moron, arguing with a member of the Indian Parliament like he's important or something. Imbecile.

Anthony G. Martin at the Examiner quotes a blogger who has insider information on the coming Obama Administration scandals:

In a previous report Conservative Examiner delved into the claims of a White House insider who is feeding information to a blogger who goes by the name of ‘Ulsterman.’ The report contained revelations of the pending unraveling of the Obama Presidency due to the President’s inability to deal with growing opposition among the citizens and in the halls of Congress–and a scandal simmering under the surface that could explode at any moment.

‘Deep Throat’ also claimed that Obama is so self-absorbed that he actually believes he is adored by throngs of people all over the world.  The observation was also made that the President is exhibiting bizarre behavior that suggests emotional instability.
1.)Indeed, there is a growing movement on the Hill by top Democrats to pressure Pelosi to withdraw from consideration as Minority Leader.

2.) Deep Throat discusses ‘the Hillary issue,’ claiming unequivocally that the former First Lady still desperately wants to be President and that the only thing needed to get her to mount a campaign to oust Obama as the Democratic nominee for President in 2012 is a continued decline in the economy.

3.) The White House insider reluctantly discusses the birth certificate issue after being pressured by Ulsterman, and suggests that the issue is simply too hot to handle.

Deep Throat was quick to assert, however, that the brewing scandal at the White House has absolutely nothing to do with the birth certificate issue.
Questions have been raised as to the veracity of the insider’s information.  But he correctly stated weeks in advance that Summers and Emanuel would be the first to leave the Administation–which turned out to be true.  He now says that Gibbs is next.

I can’t wait to see ol’ Gibbsy pack his bags and un-ass the Briefing Room. His smug obnoxiousness just reeks to high heaven. Another casualty of the Obama Administration unemployment.



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The revolution is being broadcast on <a href=”http://www.twitter.com”>Twitter,</a&gt; as Conservatives rush to block the impending Obamacare Obamanation.

America is on the move. But why, really?  What is this thing that so energize both sides of the political spectrum?  It’s a highly divisive issue that really moves both sides to their roots, and here’s why:

Pres. (allegedly) Barack Hussein Obama, doing his Louis Farrakhan impression

Democrats (and Liberals) see this as the mother lode of all Social Welfare Programs. This is true, unadulterated cradle-to-grave socialism. It’s a way to guarantee that they will be in power forever. They can throw around veiled references to how bad it will be if Republicans take away their “entitlement” to Healthcare.

Conservatives see this as a death knell to the Free Enterprise system. I saw a guy on Facebook asking “which is more important; Freedom or Capitalism?”  The truth is, the two are interdependent. Capitalism can’t survive or flourish without some form of Freedom. There’s a reason it’s called “Free Enterprise. The version of Capitalism in use currently in China is highly regulated, strictly enforced, tightly legislated . . . and extremely powerful. Already it’s made more changes in China than have occurred in the last 3000 years — which is driving the Chinese leadership to distraction.

And that distraction means more freedom for China.

Which leads to more capitalism. Interdependent, see?

Rush Limbaugh said on his radio show today “This is Tyranny!” when referring to the Healthcare bill. Here’s why:

It will require — not suggest, but require under penalty of law — that everyone purchase Health Insurance. If you don’t you pay a $5000 fine, and you will be enrolled in the government’s form of single-payer Healthcare.

Where’s the freedom? Is it a good idea to NOT have healthcare insurance, No, but you can’t tell me that guys like Rush Limbaugh or Warren Buffet – who can pay cash for their healthcare — should be REQUIRED to enroll in the government healthcare.

And it’s a basic grab at the personal choices of the individual. That’s YOU, folks.

"Precious -Precious Healthcare!"

When a government becomes so oppressive that it requires that all citizens perform some task or make the same choice as all other citizens – the citizenry has no more CHOICE.

And that is Tyranny, purely and simply. And these imbeciles pushing for this against all the will of the people — are by no means representatives of the people as the constitution dictates they be.

And if you think we will be able to repeal this mess of a bill in November when we vote in new conservative representatives — you’ve got another think coming.  This is a logistical nightmare; a black hole of red tape that rivals even the Gordian knot.

It’s the chinese finger puzzle of all chinese finger puzzles.

It will fundamentally affect Healthcare companies in America do business — and will very likely drive many of them out of business.  And from that point there is no going back. Ever.

Now, I want to back up for a minute. Past the rhetoric. Past the finger puzzles. Past the questions of Liberty or Tyranny. Ask yourself one question.  I’m a Christian, so I’ll address this primarily from a Christian perspective.

Will this help people or hurt them?

Think about that for a second. Will help, or hurt?

Well, it will take away basic freedoms. It will fundamentally change the way we do business. It will put oppressive taxes on the citizens (most countries with governmental healthcare have taxes in the 60-80% range. Look it up.)  It will reduce coverage for most people and only extend coverage to 95% of all American — meaning 5% will STILL be without Healthcare.

How is ANY of that BETTER???

None of it is any better.  None of us would want this for ourselves or our families.

So under the “Do unto others” rule (which applies to most major religions -I’ve read your books, buddhists) and under the “welfare of the poor” rule in Islam, it does not meet the requirements of any of the major religions.

And don’t even get me started on the “government funded abortions” thing.

This is Tyrrany. This is Anti-religion. This is anti-freedom.

The revolution has started; and President Obama started it.

Call your congressman. Call your Senator. Call your Governor and local legislator. Texans, call Governor “Do-Nothing” Perry who was so big on the Tenth Amendment during the primaries and is suddenly silent now.

Call them. Call them now. Call them tomorrow. Call them Saturday.

As one pundit observed on the Glenn Beck Show today, this bill will be passed on a Sunday — during Lent — that will keep your legislators out of church when they need it the most.

That can NOT be a good thing.

Call them Call them now.  877-762-8762, or 202-224-3121, or 202-225-3121.

As Rush observed on his website, “If the phones are busy, call again. That’s the POINT!


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UPDATE: It seems, now, that Walgreens is facing financial disaster too if they accept more Medicare patients.

Remember, I said no Medicare payments had been made since October first because the guidelines hadn’t been published in the Federal Register yet? This is why Walgreens won’t accept new Medicare patients after April 16th.

~~Original Post Below:~~

You may remember from last year’s Healthcare Debates that President Obama proposed around $500 Billion in cuts to Medicare to achieve savings to fund ObamaCare.

You may not know that these cuts were, in fact, carried out in the new fiscal year budget, even though ObamaCare hasn’t passed.

It is a federal requirement for new federal legislation that every new law have it’s provisions printed in the Federal Register, so that the people who will be affected by these new regulations can see them in black and white, as well as have spelled out for them what they need to do to be in compliance with this law. To date, the Obama Administration has not printed the rules to enacting these Medicare cuts in the Federal Register — or, for that matter, anywhere else.

Which is either complete incompetence or utter stupidity on their part; if not utter contempt of how the rules work in Washington. Take your pick.

And don’t think that the companies involved in the 17% of the GDP that is the American Healthcare system aren’t beginning to panic. I’ve received several confidential messages from physicians in the San Antonio area that all confirm that this is no small earthquake about to break on the medical scene. Consider:

  • All users of motorized electric wheelchairs — Scooters, Rascals, what-have-you — that purchased them through Medicare and Medicaid received a written notice last November that Medicare would no longer be funding these items in fiscal 2010.
  • Small practitioners are especially feeling the pinch. One orthopedic specialist told me today, “If this Health Care thing goes through, I’ll have to choose between paying my staff minimum wage or buying them all Health care – and since the government won’t allow one or the other, I will probably have to quit my practice and fire my staff.
  • As a result, the American Medical Association, which has heavily supported Obama’s Health Care nightmare, has seen it’s ranks dwindle dramatically. At the beginning of 2009 the AMA only had approximately 10% of the physicians in the U.S. as members; today it has less than 3%.

A word of explanation on the next part first: Medicare pays on the Fiscal Quarters system. All the charges for one fiscal quarter are submitted during the second fiscal quarter, and then paid at the start of the third fiscal quarter. This means (theoretically, of course; individual cases may vary) that a patient who saw their doctor on October 1st (the first day of the Fiscal quarter) would have their claim submitted to Medicare on January 1st (the first day of the second fiscal quarter), and the doctor will get paid on April 1st (the first day of the third fiscal quarter.)

In short, the federal government hides behind Red Tape to put off processing and paying Medicare claims for 90 days at a time; resulting in up to six months backlog at a time.

And April first is coming in three weeks, and with the Federal Register still not having published the new Medicare guidelines, that’s five-going-on-six months of claims still waiting to be processed and paid . . . .

Which resulted in these two interesting tips:

  • One of the largest Medical Research facilities in San Antonio (if the the world) which only in the past few years built a new office complex and research lab on Medical Drive in the Medical Center north complex, held an emergency staff meeting this past week.  All nine staff physicians (and ten plus research physicians) were told research grants — their life blood – had been slashed, and no new medical research grants would be paid this fiscal year. They are not even sure if their existing grants will be paid through completion.  As a result, no new research will be performed until Medicare clarifies when (if ever)  they will again give research grants in diabetes or glandular medicine.

They are preparing lists of staff who will be terminated if the cuts become permanent.

San Antonio is also home to two of the largest Dialysis chains in the world.  With a population of over 60,000 End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients, San Antonio is ground zero for Dialysis and transplantation of kidneys.

This past weekend the largest of these groups – and one of the oldest groups of nephrologists (kidney doctors) in the U.S., also held an emergency staff meeting.  These physicians — who work for a basic wage and earn bonuses at the end of the year based on productivity — were told that because of the Medicare cuts this year that:

  • There will be NO bonuses this year whatsoever;
  • The group is facing a shortfall due to the cuts that is conservatively estimated at $3.6 Million — and dropping bonuses will only cover about HALF this amount, if not less;
  • Everyone at the group — including physicians and management — will be facing a pay cut of about 50%,effective April 1st.

Fortunately, no staff cuts at this San Antonio Kidney Disease group . . . yet.  But you have to wonder how many nurses, medical assistants, doctors, and other healthcare workers will stay at a group where they’re being paid less than a living wage.

And if the largest Kidney Disease group in the world can’t make it on these Medicare cuts . . . how can the smaller groups?

And if these groups close, along with their attendant Dialysis Clinics, that leaves 60,000 people without the treatment they need to live.

Watch for President Doomsayer to (a) blame this on Bush, and (b) proclaim that “only Heathcare Reform can save them now!”

Impacting soon at a hospital or clinic near you.


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The Orlando Sentinel reports that the attempts to bring Haitian refugees to the U.S. are being met with stubborn opposition, bureacratic red tape, and inhumane indifference to the orphan’s plight.

Not from the Hatian government (or what remains of it.) No, no no.

From Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Best argument against Big Government I’ve ever seen right there:

Since the first earthquake hit Haiti last week, Suzanne Hetherman has careened between despair and elation as she waits for news of the two Haitian girls she has tried to adopt for two years.

On Monday morning, the Winter Garden woman was told they could arrive any minute. By afternoon, the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services were asking for more paperwork.

After a second earthquake rocked Port-au-Prince on Wednesday, Hetherman’s calm demeanor melted.

“They’re still handling this case-by-case,” Hetherman said, her voice cracking with frustration. “There are hundreds of kids waiting at the U.S. Embassy in a massive line. American Airlines has offered to fly all the kids out, but no one’s helping us.”

They are among the 380,000 orphans living in Haiti before the earthquakes, and officials fear thousands more children have been orphaned by the disaster.

Although the U.S. government announced it would grant “humanitarian parole” to children already matched with American adoptive parents, that status applies to only about 900 orphans. Adoption advocates are concerned about the thousands more who will be left behind in a country where children are frequently given up for adoption because their families cannot feed them.

After the second earthquake, adoptive parents such as Hetherman worry that the situation in Haiti will move from dire to desperate. Because orphanages are running low on food and water — and looters have threatened to steal their food — officials at the Joint Council on International Children’s Services urged the U.S. Embassy to create a safe zone for the orphans while their paperwork is processed.

The embassy, meanwhile, is packed with children, according to reports.

Hetherman has watched as flights carrying other orphans arrived in the United States for the American families adopting them. Twenty-six orphans arrived Monday in Fort Pierce, whisked out of Haiti by a jet from Hendrick Motorsports. Another flight, carrying NBA star Alonzo Mourning, brought a few more orphans Tuesday night. And when Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell wrangled with American and Haitian officials to bring a flight of orphans to Pittsburgh, Hetherman cheered his efforts, yet despaired that she hasn’t found such a champion.

“I’d love to see every governor doing that,” Hetherman said. She has called a lot of politicians for help. Finally, on Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson’s office offered to help push her paperwork through the red tape at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Why does this not surprise me? Apparently the State department is willing to let these kids die of hunger and starvation rather than let them in the country and have to actually do some work on visas for a change.

Did I mention these kids are black?

Don’t you think if this was a Republican administration the press would be making a royal fuss over that?


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I don’t think it’s very debatable – even amongst Obama’s supporters – that Foreign Policy is hardly his strong suit. Indeed, Obama’s foreign policy debacles make the nation of Fredonia look positively sanguine in it’s own foreign policy . . . uh, mis-steps, shall we say.

In fact, the more one looks at it, “Incompetence” doesn’t seem to even begin to cover it:

1. Divert critical CIA resources and spy satellites away from hunting terrorists to track global warming.

2. Release captured al Qaida terrorists from Gitmo and send them through America’s criminal court system.

3. Rather than aggressively interrogating captured al Qaida operatives for vital intelligence (which actually works), give them lawyers.

4. Misrepresent one terrorist attack after another as a random crime by a “victim of stress” or an “isolated extremist” while tirelessly perpetuating the myth that Islam is a “religion of peace.”

5. Put airline passengers through absolute hell to avoid enacting policies that actually work…like giving extra scrutiny to young, Arab, Muslim men.

6. Create a culture of fear within the CIA by vindictively prosecuting agents who fail to read foreign terrorists their non-existent rights.

7. Surrender missile defense as Iran and North Korea go nuclear with impunity.

Robert Moon at the Macon County Examiner seems to have this nailed pretty well. Click through the link for more.


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Just a snippet of some of the headlines from Drudge and Elsewhere today:


The C-Span President argues that not only didn’t President have the authority to promise that the Health Care Bill negotiation would be on C-SPAN; but that C-SPAN wouldn’t gie him more than an hour’s time anyway. Obviously, he thought C-SPAN would fall in line like General Motors, Chrysler, and Wall Street. (C-SPAN is not funded by the government like PBS; it’s funded by the cable companies themselves.)

Sen. Nelson[D]: We should have waited on health care…

Ben Nelson of Nebraska, who was given assurances that his state would be exempted from Medicare cuts in exchange for his “Yes” vote on the Healthcare Bill, is terrified of his chances for re-election now that public opinion has shifted squarely against him. He wonders if perhaps he was too hasty on Health Care?

Why yes, Ben, you were. You were indeed. Prepare to pay the penalty.

Dem congressman puts blame on leaders for slipping support…

Just stating the obvious. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are either (a) completely out of touch with reality, (b) delusional, or (c) think the American Public are so stupid or jaded that we’ll forget their complete betrayal of us when we go to the polls.

And Rep. Sestak is just now figuring this out. Lovely.

NOONAN: The Risk of Catastrophic Victory…

Peggy outlines the obvious. (See, this is the part I hate — waiting for the slow people to catch up with the reality we conservatives have been seeing for, oh, say THE LAST YEAR OR SO.)

Glut: Truckloads of Unused Swine Flu Vaccines in NY…

The Swine flu debacle is coming back to bite the Obama Administration in the butt. The complete mismanagement of this “epidemic” is a national disgrace. Kathleen Sebelius managed a minor outbreak for political gain and ended up neither managing it well nor gaining politically. Now millions of Americans have had the (admittedly minor) swine flu without the benefit of the vaccine; and the vaccine lies rotting without patients to administer the vaccine to.

These guys are just rank amateurs — and they are in charge of our country. That’s certainly a Great Big Honkin’ Change you can believe in, isn’t it?

How this can NOT have catastrophic consequences for the Democrats is beyond me; unless the American people are as stupid or jaded that they’ll forget their complete betrayal.

But i doubt that.


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Under the “Let’s-Stick-Our-Heads-In-The-Sand” Category, Houston Police find a guy with a military rocket launcher and jihadist writings, but don’t bother to arrest him???

I had a State Trooper tell me one time “we do things differently here in Texas,” but I don’t think this is what he meant:

HOUSTON — Police went to a southwest Houston apartment to break up a disturbance but ended up finding something else, KPRC Local 2 reported Wednesday.

A woman called police on Monday and said a man was forcing his way into her apartment in the 5300 block of Elm Street.  When officers went inside, they found something that made them concerned enough to call the bomb squad.

They found an AT-4 shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. It can shoot a missile nearly 1,000 feet through buildings and tanks.

“It gives infantrymen the advantage with an ultra-light weapon that can stop vehicles, armored vehicles as well as main battle tanks and fortifications,” said Oscar Saldivar of Top Brass Military and Tactical on the North Freeway.

That type of rocket launcher has been used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The renter of the apartment didn’t want to talk to KPRC Local 2.  “This is my house,” the woman said. ” Get away from here. I don’t want to talk to nobody.” (sic)

The woman did tell police that the rocket launcher belonged to Nabilaye I. Yansane, someone whom she allowed to store items at her apartment.

According to court documents, officers also found Jihadist writings that allegedly belonged to Yansane.

Yansane was charged with criminal trespassing and pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to three days in jail, which he has already served. No charges related to the rocket launcher or writings were filed.

And then the lawyers arrived, and the rationalizing away of blame began:

“Other people could have had access to the apartment, so maybe if a rocket launcher was located there, as is stated in the offense report, maybe it belonged to somebody else,” attorney Garl Polland said.

Prosecutors said there are no state charges for having the unarmed launcher or possessing Jihadist writings, unless they contain some type of threat.

The former director of Houston’s FBI office said rocket launchers can be dangerous if they’re in the wrong hands.

“I don’t know any other use for those weapons except in combat,” Don Clark said. “I’ve had them in combat, used them in combat. That’s what they are used for.”

Houston police said they did a thorough investigation and did not find any ties to terrorists or a terrorist network.

Terrorism, perhaps? Anybody think of terrorism? And rocket launchers are highly controlled items; double locked up in weapons bunkers under armed guard.  Anyone want to look into how one of those went missing?

Hat Tip: Bluegrass Pundit here.

And this morning Fox News is reporting on-air (no sign on the website yet) that New York Police detained several men with backpacks attempting to enter Times Square last night during New Year’s celebrations.

Now, besides the fact that backpacks are prohibited items in the area of Times Square during new Year’s celebrations; it appears the men were all euphemistically termed “foreign passport holders.”

Kind of like the London bombings a couple of years ago — just with more people.

Yeah Janet, you’re doing a Hell of a Job there:

Some Democrats have joined in calling for Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to step down following the attempted bombing of a Northwest Airlines flight a week ago.  Not only does her department oversee the Transportation Security Administration, but her initial claim Sunday that “the system worked” was widely ridiculed and interpreted by critics as a sign that she’s in over her head.

Some Republicans, who’ve taken issue with her in the past for calling terrorist acts “man-caused disasters” and other remarks, started calling for her ouster in the spring.

Now Democrats have joined the chorus.

New Jersey State Senate President Richard Codey, a Democrat, wrote a letter to Napolitano this week calling on her to step down. He said Napolitano, an attorney and former Arizona governor, does not have the experience for the post she is in.

Democratic strategist Dan Gerstein also said Napolitano’s response to the incident should be the last straw.

Republican Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., said Napolitano does not have the experience for the job, and her remarks only prove that she doesn’t take the terrorist threat as seriously as she should.

Former New York Republican Sen. Alfonse D’Amato also said Napolitano should resign.

Would it matter if I added my voice to the chorus? Maybe only to myself, but I will.

Resign, Janet, before somebody gets killed.


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