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In 2012, Texas conservatives need to focus our energies on removing
our own RINOs from office, and keeping them off the Republican
ticket, this coming election.

It’s impossible to overstate how important this task is, on both
the state and the national levels. RINOs are poison to a
conservative agenda. There is little real difference between them
and Democrats, and once elected they use their power to sabotage
attempts to enact good conservative legislation. We’ve seen this
take place in Austin over and over. No matter how loudly
conservatives speak at the polls, and how good prospects for
conservative legislation look, the RINOs in the party often manage
to water good bills down, or block them altogether.



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Really, and Truly, my stomach is churning right now:

An ice storm is coming. Some of the Republicans don’t want to get stuck in D.C. for Christmas fighting for freedom.

Yeah, that whole “getting stuck in an ice storm” thing is such a bummer. Ask General Washington and the me at Valley Forge. (NOTE for full disclosure: My 9-greats grandfather Christopher was one of them.)

So Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid have agreed not just to vote on the health care package on Thursday morning, but also to lift the debt ceiling.

Then they’ll fly home. All before the sun even makes it to its peak position in the Christmas Eve sky.

Yes, the GOP got the Democrats to go to Christmas Eve. But only for show and face saving.

Compared to Churchill:

We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

This really, truly makes me damned angry. These people are my Representatives in government. They do NOT decide when they get to go home — WE DO — with our votes.

It’s getting very, very close to the time to tell them all to come home.

And by the way, I like Redstate’s idea ’bout leaving the Democraps in the lurch here:

We need a Churchill, not a molehill as the GOP leader.

By the way, why stick around? We know the Democrats have the votes. Make them own it. If we’re going to throw in the towel early, the GOP should en masse pack up and go home. Leave the Dems alone by themselves to do in the Republic.

Put up or shut up, Mitch. Get in the game, or get of the bench.


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Yes, I’m quite serious about this.

scozzafava newserMore than one pundit has questioned whether Dede Scozzafava, the handpicked candidate for the NY-23 Congressional race, was actually a stealth RINO who was going to throw the race for Democrat Bill Owens. Considering that Scozzafava endorsed the Democrat after she withdrew and overcame a six-point lead by her Conservative rival Doug Hoffman on Friday, it sems more and more likely.

And almost everyone agrees Scozzafava made all the difference.

While Scozzafava accepted almost a million dollars of NRSC money to run as the Republican candidate, when was well within her rights to withdraw when the lead of her opponents became insurmountable. I’m not disputing that.

But when she endorsed the Democrat — especially when the Conservative Candidate was closer to her own Party’s stated positions –AND endorsed by a plethora of Republicans to boot — she committed fratricide amongst the Republicans. She went directly against the wishes of her party for personal malfeasance.

mccain_rinoAnd she wasted $900,000 of NRSC money. Some might say embezzled, considering she has funneled $3,750 of that money to her sister-in-law.

Hell *I’m* saying it’s embezzlement. And I’m saying it’s Fraud, as well. And I’m TELLING the NRSC — you’re schmucks if you let her get away with this.

Serve the RINOs with notice that they cannot get away with this.

File Criminal Charges against Dede Scozzafava for embezzlement. File a Civil Lawsuit for Fraud.

Do it now. Or be schmucks; and prove to us that the Tea Parties are right about you. Your choice.


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The traitorous RINO Olympia Snowe of Maine, whom apparently gained her senate seat in sympathy for being the former first lady of Maine (according to Wikipedia), sold out conservatives and her constituency when she voted as the lone Republican to approve the Baucus Halthcare bill.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., left, shakes hands with committee member Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, as Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, is seen at center, Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009, on Capitol Hill in Washington, after a committee vote regarding the health care reform bill.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Max Baucus, (Idiot-Mont.,) left, shakes hands with committee member Sen. Olympia Snowe, (RINO-Maine,) as Sen. Orrin Hatch, tries not to vomit at center.

I mean, for God’s sake Olympia — even Joe Lieberman didn’t vote for this monstrosity.

The good news? She’s up for re-election in 2012. Better yet, the Unions balked at the bill:

“When history calls, history calls,” said Maine Republican Olympia Snowe, whose declaration of support ended weeks of suspense and provided the only drama of a 14-9 vote in the Senate Finance Committee. With her decision, the 62-year-old lawmaker bucked her own leadership on the most high-profile issue of the year in Congress, and gave the drive to remake health care at least a hint of the bipartisanship that Obama seeks.

There were fresh challenges. Within minutes of the vote, labor unions and large business organizations both demanded changes in the bill, which was an attempt at a middle-of-the-road measure fashioned by the committee under Baucus’ leadership.

The next move in the Senate is up to Majority Leader Harry Reid, whose office said the full Senate would begin debate on the issue the week of Oct. 26.

Honestly, all you Mainers up there in snowland — how do you tolerate this twit? It’s just embarrassing, really. We’re laughing like hell at you in Texas. Really.

NOTE also to the House and Senate Republican leadership: How about we just throw her the hell out of the party and let her caucus with Joe Lieberman as the “Independant caucus” (of two) or let her declare as a Democrap.


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obama angry finger

"I'm gonna tell!"

With President O’Bummer trotting out to Press Conferences announcing “I won!” like a Fifth Grader who just snatched all the marbles on a playground and the dynamic Duo of Pelosi and Harry Reid locking Conservatives out of Conference comittees or scheduling votes without notification — you’d think the biggest probelm in Washington would be the hardline Liberals and their “Quick-Ram-It-Through-FAST” Aganda.

Strangely enough, with the Democraps increasingly having problems mustering a 60-vote filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, the biggest problem is actually weak-kneed Republicans who seem to have misplaced their spines. And when you’re talking about senior statesmen and former Presidential candidate and frequent gun-rights supporter  Richard Lugar (D-IN), it’s positively baffling.

WASHINGTON — The Senate sided with gun control advocates Wednesday by rejecting a measure that would have allowed people with concealed weapons permits to carry those hidden weapons across state borders.

And before anyone panics; this measure would NOT have allowed people to get on airplanes with a concealed weapon. But cab drivers in Connecticut taking a fare to New York would’ve been able to bring their sidearm, or tourists driving a state away to a national park.

Senators voted for the measure, 58-39, but it fell short of the required 60 votes for approval, based on a procedural agreement between Senate leaders.

It is an unusual setback for the gun rights side, which has been able to muster majorities of Republicans and pro-gun Democrats to move its agenda through both the Bush and Obama administrations.

Opponents say the concealed weapon proposal would force states with tough gun laws to accept gun-carrying visitors from states with weaker laws. The sponsor of the bill, Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., said that was not true and that gun-toters would have to follow the laws of the state they entered.

The gun proposal did not establish national standards for concealed weapons permits and would not have allowed those with permits to carry weapons into Wisconsin and Illinois, the two states that do not have concealed weapons laws.

So it would not have stepped on anybody’s toes — just streamlined the laws that already exist.  Where’s the problem, Dick?

So far this year gun rights advocates have had some successes in Congress. They attached a provision to a credit card bill signed into law that restores the right to carry loaded firearms in national parks, and coupled a Senate vote giving the District of Columbia a vote in the House with a provision effectively ending the district’s tough gun control laws. House Democratic leaders, unable to detach the two issues without losing the support of pro-gun Democrats, abandoned attempts to pass the D.C. vote bill.

Barking Moonbat Early Warning system Blog reports:

Ultimately, the measure was defeated because two veteran Republicans who frequently support gun rights voted against it. Both Indiana’s Richard Lugar and Ohio’s George were surprise “No” votes. Neither has explained their decision.

The Chicago had another surprising defection:o Tribune

kirsten-gillibrandSen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, a pro-gun rights Democrat who faces a primary challenge next year in a state with strong gun control sentiments, also opposed it. “I strongly believe that the gun laws that are right for New York are not necessarily right for South Dakota, and vice versa,” she said..”

Those who opposed it, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre warned, “will see it reflected in support from their constituents.”

You may remember that Gillibrand is the winner of Hillary Clinton’s old Senate Seat from New York; and raised quite the kerfluffle when it was found out she’s a lifetime NRA member and actually sleeps with a gun under her pillow.

lugar-energymovloAh well, another day, another hypocritical Democrat.  What a surprise.  But Richard Lugar — from the reddest of red states Indiana?  I think Governor  “My Man Mitch” Daniels needs to seriously think about b-slapping some sense into old man Lugar.

Senator Lugar is up for re-electtion in 2012, by the way.  In fact, he’s inspired me to create a new tab at the top of this blog – the one titled “2012 Project”, which will document the things we need to remember about these RINOs come the next time they’re up for re-election.  It will also document the seats where actual, honest-to-God conservatives are running for office.

Time to think about stepping down, Dick, if you’re going to ignore your constituents like a Democrat.



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He’s fought Killer robots from the future; power-mad Latin American dictators; private security forces on the planet Mars, and even Predators from another world.  But not even the Governator may be able to escape this fiendish RINO trap:

schwarzeneggerGov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) is having a difficult year, what with multibillion-dollar deficits and foundering ballot measure campaigns. Now add to the mix a new petition to recall him from office, approved Friday by Secretary of State Debra Bowen (D).

The recall petition is the second one circulating to take the governor out of the Capitol by the same door he came in. The new petition’s main proponent is John D. Fusek of La Habra, representing a group called Taxpayers United to Recall Governor Schwarzenegger.

According to the petition, “The governor promised to reduce state spending and reform state government. Instead, he increased spending by over 40%, benefiting public sector unions and special interests, at the expense of taxpayers…. The governor promised to help encourage job creation by reducing costly regulation. Instead he passed more job-killing mandates that are destroying California jobs and opportunity. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger must be held accountable for worsening the lives of California taxpayers, voters and families.”

However, The Governator isn’t going down without a fight:

Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear disputed claims of the recall petition. McLear said the governor’s revised budget plan increases state spending by 1.3 percent – “slower growth than under every California governor in recent history,” including terms of Govs. Pete Wilson, George Deukmejian, Ronald Reagan, Jerry Brown and Pat Brown.

He also said general fund spending has increased by a rate slower than inflation and population growth since Schwarzenegger took over for Davis.

Which is a valid point. Trying to rein in Democrats in California from spending must be like trying to herd cats.

Which is a damned good visual if I do say so myself . . .

An interesting tidbit: California has chosen it’s own budget crisis by refusing to drill offshore for oil and gas, and not building Nuclear plants to generate it’s own power:

nuclear plantCalifornia chooses not to use its offshore oil or develop more nuclear power. Some environmentalists will say that the oil and nuclear power would not be enough to solve the energy problems of the United States. However, this will show that California could get $5-10 billion per year of tax revenue from the development of 10 billion barrels of oil and 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Also, the development of nuclear energy could offset electricity purchases from out of state sources which can often be at spot prices. Each nuclear reactor could offset about $1 billion of electricity and natural gas purchases each year. California’s budget gap is projected to be $40 billion over two years. The initial issuance of oil leases would provide immediate revenue to the state of one billion/year or more. The construction to build the oil rigs and nuclear plants would provide construction jobs, taxes and fees which would provide immediate benefits as the projects are being built and before oil is pumped or electricity is generated.

Of course, when you’re talking California, you’re also talking a very special kind of Eco-Crazy, too — which is why they don’t lease those oil fields or build those nuclear plants.

Which is why they have a crippling budget deficiet.

Which is how the Democrat Legislature has painted the Republican Governator into a corner, so that the Democrat Secretary of State can certify his Recall Petition.

And as much as I’m roooting for the Republican here, this would have been all easily preventable . . . if he’d just applied some Conservative Theory here.  Sign the oil leases.  Authorize the nuclear plants.  Cut the budget — put the onus back on the Democraps, instead of trying to compromise and meet them halfway.

You see where that’s gotten him. As Ronald Reagan used to say, “Conservatism works every time it’s tried.


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From the Idaho Statesman; the revolution may not be televised, but it’s well underway:

The Republican Party’s libertarian wing is criticizing the conviction of a Mountain Home GOP official who defied a police order to stay away from Idaho Gov. Butch Otter’s office.

idaho gov butch otter“Idahoans for Liberty,” a group including organizers of recent Tea Party events marched from the sentencing hearing Monday to Otter’s office. The group said Elmore County Republican Vice Chairman Christopher Pentico’s rights to petition the government and to speak freely were violated. They asked Otter to pardon Pentico and stop enforcing the trespassing law on state property.

What’s the matter Governor?  Can’t take the heat?

About 75 Pentico supporters packed the courtroom of Ada County Magistrate Kevin Swain on Monday. Swain found Pentico guilty April 21, but said the application of the trespassing law to public buildings raises “troubling questions.”

Swain said he was issuing the lightest of possible sentences and would strike Pentico’s conviction after he completes probation.

Pentico’s supporters have expanded their influence in the party, beginning last year when they helped unseat Otter’s choice for party chairman. They played a prominent role in defeating Otter’s plan for a gas tax increase and have won seats on county central committees across Idaho.

A Republican who wants to increase taxes? Sounds like a RINO to me . . .

Last month, members of the Ada County Republican Central Committee tried to force a vote on a resolution alleging Otter violated Pentico’s right to due process. They won a majority on a procedural vote, but fell short of the two-thirds majority required for action.

In 2008, Idaho State Police barred Pentico from the governor’s office after repeated encounters with Otter and his staff. Though Otter said Pentico had never been threatening, his refusal to accept no for an answer was compromising his staff’s ability to do its work.

“If he’s disruptive to the staff – to the demeanor of the office – we have to remove him,” Otter told the Idaho Statesman last week.

Won’t take no for an answer” and “is disruptive to the demeanor of the office” — yup, that’s one thoroughly dangerous man there.

Pentico also has spoken with Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, state schools Superintendent Tom Luna, dozens of legislators and top staffers to former Govs. Dirk Kempthorne and Jim Risch. “He seems to think that if he comes 12 times, the answer will be different than the 11th time,” said Jon Hanian, Otter’s spokesman, after Pentico was sentenced to 30 days’ probation Monday.

And how are his actions different form those of a lobbyist; except that he actually believes what he’s saying, and isn’t being paid to do it?  (And probably isn’t greasing any palms to do it?)

Boise State spokesman Frank Zang said BSU considers the Pentico matter closed. “We reviewed and addressed any concerns he may have raised in years past. There are no current issues of which we are aware.”

Trust me; he’ll let you know.

Pentico was arrested after he defied a March 25, 2008, State Police order to stay away from the governor’s office, the Capitol Annex and the Department of Education. A police officer handcuffed Pentico on April 2 after Pentico returned to the governor’s office and didn’t immediately respond to an order to stop.

Swain rejected the request of the Ada County prosecutor’s office: five days in jail, two years’ probation, a $200 fine, and a ban on Pentico’s entering three offices where he was barred in 2008.

Damn! Practice Fascism much in the Prosecutor’s office in Idaho?  Thank God free speech still lives.

Rep. Pete Nielsen, R-Mountain Home, testified on Pentico’s behalf Monday. Nine other lawmakers signed a letter saying Pentico “has acted in a responsible and respectful manner.”

This last paragraph is the telling one.  Pentico is not some crank; some obnoxious goofball who’s in need of heavy medication.  He’s just a local GOP official who’s tired of being blown off by the RINO Republicans and is letting his voice be heard — something they, as Republicans, should be doing.

And Ten legislators — including a Congressman — stood up with him.

Governor Otter, I hope you’ve got another career to fall back on after they throw you out of office.


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